#EndSARS And The Road Map To 2023 Presidency, The Intrigues And Drama

Na good governance the people dey talk now, they have passed the stage of #EndSARS

The biggest event to have occurred in Nigeria in 2020 is arguably the #EndSARS protest. 
The beauty of the protest seems to be the similarity to the famous Arab Spring and the recent Black Life Matters protest in the US.

These two events started like a child’s play and ended up as the largest movement in the Arab world and US history.

The intricacies enmeshed in the #EndSARS protest has gone beyond the initiators of the protest to a large scale movement of oppressors finally showing their resentment to the rotten system they constantly fall victim to.

The protest has been more than successful in all ramifications, the people are even looking forward to coming out daily to express their anger towards the failed government.

As we speak Benin City is on lockdown, yesterday was a mock rehearsal for the mother of all protest scheduled to be held this morning. 

The testing the mic saw youths shutting down the ever-busy Lagos Benin Express road @Maingate till daybreak.

Anyway, the subject of today’s discussion is the dangerous twist in which the protest has taken a sharp turn.

Of course like popular revolutionary acts the actions are spontaneous and always metamorphoses into an idea that consumes everyone.

The success of the protest by the youths has brought the need to extend the protest to all other facets of governance which is definitely at its lowest ebb.

A lot of people are of the view that SARS is the least of our problems and even looking at it holistically the SARS officers themselves are a product of the rotten system.

With a meagre salary unbefitting of a police officer the outlawed agency itself is a product of the decayed system.

Acting with impunity and carrying out extrajudicial killings without a reprimand is a further display of the dead system which breeds the same armed robbers and Yahoo boys the only difference is that the SARS end up robbing both the armed robbers and Yahoo boys without bringing them to book.

What Link Does #EndSARS Have With The 2023 Presidency?

The youths are charged up and have seen a clear opportunity to demand good governance. 

These youths were born in a generation that has access to powerful information and a lackadaisical attitude to the Big Man syndrome. (dem no send you)

Today’s parents are careful not to annoy their kids if not they would suffer rebellion in their own homes.

Dem take am talk proverb say” if you too tay for toilet you go see fly wey wear iron shirt.”

These youths have seen the power of social media working in their very own eyes across the globe.

But the snag is this… the awareness is still constrained to the youths in the South and yet to be fully accepted in the North.

Of course, the South has more access to information and technology which makes it easy for them to connect with the world easily.

Herein lies the problem, allowing the protest to continue without the politicization would be the albatross of the ruling class who are the target of the protest.

The youths already are thinking of forming a united front in presenting a 2023 presidential candidate, the choice is still hazy but be rest assured that determination and cooperation have been established and at the right time these youths we see today would come together and insist on their choice.

The ruling class have gone back to the drawing board to strategize on ways of nipping the REBELLIOUS act in the bud.

Shutdown the internet is an option, the only thing is that if you try am then everybody go ENTER street and die there till it is restored.

Then Nigeria would be a serious laughing stock. Dead at arrival.

The army has spoken and has clearly shown where their allegiance lies.

Thugs are being sponsored to attack protesters.

Lagos protesters are mad o, they have hired bouncers for protection.

All these moves are not working so the only potent antidote yet to be tried is the ethnic and politicization of the protest.

Now it is a clear case of a battle against the personality of Buhari and the Northern interest.

As we all know the 19 Northern Governors met with Buhari to say they are in support of SARs, that is just the preamble.

The next you hear is Pro SARS protest springing up in all the States in the North.

Of course, SARS was never a problem in the north but the truth is the protest now is about restructuring which of-course the North is against.

Na good governance the people dey talk now, they have passed the stage of #EndSARS.

Back to the South initially the Southern Governors tried to bully the protesters but seeing the zeal in their struggle they have tactically joined the protest.

So what does this imply?

The next question who is bankrolling the protest?

These same people that have never bothered to ask who is bankrolling Boko Haram are asking who is bankrolling the protest.

Energy goes where attention goes…..the energy displayed currently by these youths is unstoppable and they have sown the seed of restructuring laced with love and comradeship.

The coming days would throw more light on this worrisome development.

Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah writes in from Abuja.

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