#EndSARS: Anonymous hacks NBC’s Twitter account, targets govt’s websites

Twitter has helped take control of the hacked NBC account - NBC
Anonymous hacks Nigerian Broadcasting Commission, vows to expose govt’s secrets

The National Broadcasting Commission's Twitter account has been hacked as the # EndSARS demonstrations rage in many places in Nigeria.

The hackers said in a tweet that they are "Anonymous"

But Tolu Ogunlesi, President Muhammad Buhari's Special Assistant, said,
"Twitter has helped take control of the hacked NBC account.”

The postings were in favour of #EndSARS when our reporter visited the Twitter account on Friday, @nbcgovng.

Posts on the Twitter account revealed that on October 15, the last official tweet was made.

About 12.00 a.m., with the official NBC logo added, the hackers shared a picture sensitizing people about the # EndSARS rally.

The hackers said that their mission was to “expose the government’s secrets and dirty files”.

“#EndSARSBrutality #EndPoliceBrutalityInNigeriaNow – We #Anonymous Group Of Hackers will continue supporting the citizens of Nigeria. Expect Us – #Hacked,” the hackers announced.

They also asked Nigerians to suggest other government agencies’ websites they want to be hacked.

“Good morning, great Nigerians. TGIF and it’s also a good day to #ENDSARS and #EndSWAT. Which government website(s) would you want us to play with? #TwitterDown #NBChacked,” they added.

Though the handle is yet to be verified by Twitter, it had been used for official communication by NBC.

It was created in 2013 as “the Official Twitter Account of the National Broadcasting Commission – Nigeria’s Broadcast Industry Regulator. NBC… Your Right to Quality Broadcasting.”

At present, the handle has over 17,200 followers.

It's gathered that the Anonymous hackers had hacked into the database of a security agency in Nigeria.

Twitter, which is used by hundreds of #EndSARS protesters, went offline for almost two hours on Thursday.

But the company said there was no evidence that its security had been breached.

It marked a new setback for the company, which late Thursday altered its policies on hacked content after accusations of bias stemming from its decision to block a news report critical of Democratic White House candidate Joe Biden.

In July, prominent Americans including former president Barack Obama, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Tesla chief Elon Musk saw their Twitter accounts hacked.

In September 2019, Twitter experienced a brief but embarrassing attack: the account of its founder Jack Dorsey was hacked, and erratic and offensive messages were posted from it.

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