Japanese ship leaking tons of oil off Mauritius breaks in two

The ship was designed to stay from shore for at least 10 miles (16 kilometres).
Ship Breaks into Two leaking Tons of Oil

The grounded Japanese ship leaking tons of oil near protected areas off Mauritius' Indian Ocean island nation has split apart, officials said Saturday, with remaining fuel spreading through the turquoise waters.

Photographs posted on social media via the official cleanup effort with help from the Ministry of the Environment show the ship in two parts, "and the tugboats already at work. Oil barriers were in operation, and nearby was a skimmer truck.

Most if not all the remaining 3,000 tons of fuel had been drained off the ship over the last week as conservation groups cautioned that the damage to coral reefs and once-pristine coastal areas could be irreversible.

The MV Wakashio hit a reef on July 25, and after days of crashing waves, its hull began to crack. About 1,000 tons of fuel began leaking on 6 Aug.

The Government of Mauritius is under pressure to justify why it did not take prompt action to clear the ship of its fuel. Premier Pravind Jugnauth had earlier blamed the slow response for bad weather.

Owner Nagashiki Shipping said residual "amounts of fuel remained on the ship after pumping." It is investigating why the ship went off course.

The ship was designed to stay from shore for at least 10 miles (16 kilometres).

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