Queen Naija'S ‘Missunderstood’ Album is Something Else

It features appearances from Lucky Daye, Kiana Ledé, Jacquees, Mulatto, and others.
Queen Naija - Missunderstood

Queen Naija has never had it easy when it came to entering the music industry full-time.

As she transitioned from the YouTube sensation persona to emerging artist status, she caught heat from all sides of the critic spectrum, from relentless internet trolls to certain R&B veterans, who weren’t fond of her vocal style and didn’t think she had staying power.

Three platinum singles and two number-one singles later, Naija is shutting down naysayers once and for all with her debut album Missunderstood. Released through Capitol Records, the 18-track album is the follow-up project to 2018’s self-titled EP.

Missunderstood is an album that primarily rests on complicated love and heartache. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Naija is wallowing in misery. On highlights like the flossing “Bitter” featuring Queen of Da Souf Mulatto, Naija is heard focusing on glowing up after a recent breakup.

Naija’s thought process on sticking by her problematic man could raise a few eyebrows on songs like the Lil Durk-assisted track “Lie to Me” and “One Time” Toosii. But she is content with her relationship and doesn’t seek validation from anyone who doesn’t know the ins and outs of the love situation. Naija does offer insight on why she is how she is on the vulnerable standout “Pretend.”

Other early singles from Missunderstood include the seductive “Love Language,” the Erykah Badu-inspired “Pack Lite,” and the latest fan-favorite “Butterflies Pt. 2.”

The album also features guest appearances from Lucky Daye, Kiana Ledé, Jacquees, and Russ.

Stream Missunderstood by Queen Naija below.