Stop Gathering Sexual Experiences

The good thing about sex is that it can be learnt.
Sekyiamah, Ghanian Sex therapist and Blogger [Photo: CNN]

By Funbunwhe Dfk

You have a PhD in sex and I have OND or I’ve not even gained admission, I can never satisfy you sexually.

I hear people say “How will I know he or she can satisfy me if we don’t have sex?”.

Listen, if you open the coke, you are sure to finish it. sex is addictive. If you start it, it takes God’s grace to stop. Stop gathering sexual experiences, you might be overqualified for the person you want to marry and it will make you unhappy because they can’t satisfy you.

That angle of elevation and depression that gives you joy is in the #Furthermaths class he is yet to attend.

It will be more fulfilling if you wait and build sexual compatibility with your husband or wife. The good thing about sex is that it can be learnt.

All it takes is interest in learning. And also note that what is good for the Aunty Carol might not be good for Aunty Blessing. Carol loves further maths complications like looking for Z in a 2A + 3B =? Equation.

How the hell are we suppose to get z? 🤦But Blessing loves Government because it is direct and straight to the point.

What I’m saying is that you should Wait and learn your spouse. Don’t bring a 💣 bomb to a 🔪 knife battle.

It will end on time.


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