2023: Youths Mount Pressure On Abbo To Run For Governor

He is such a detribalized Nigerian who's tribe is sympathy and religion is humanity.
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone [Photo: Michael V. Bolgent]

In a bid to have an all-inclusive government in Adamawa state, ahead of 2023 general elections, some coalitions of youths groups have mount pressure on SIA to seek governorship office in the state. Speaking to Neptune prime, from the state capital, the leader of the group under the umbrella of Youths network for Adamawa state development (YONAD), Amb. Yakubu Buba Rasha has spoken deeply and stated the acclimate in which the state government operates.

Read Amb. Yakubu Buba Rasha's Statement

We join other well-meaning people of  Adamawa state in continued to call on this vibrant legislative, distinguished Senator Ishaku Abbo, to seek the governorship position in the state comes 2023.

This follows remarkable success he achieved in a short period of time as a legislature; and the impact he made in his constituency despite the sabotages by the current government of Adamawa state, which he happened to be among the key players for its success in the last poll.

His contribution in uplifting the lives of people of Adamawa North is uncontrovertible, hence our call on him to extend his services for the benefit of the state at large.

He has done well in infrastructure, health, education and most importantly, the jobs he facilitated for hundreds of our teeming youths regardless of their tribe, religion or political party affiliations.

He is such a detribalized Nigerian who's tribe is sympathy and religion is humanity.

He is known across the state for humanitarian services which touched the lives of fewer privileges people.

The current government in Adamawa has continued to cripple our economy, rendering our youths unemployed through its biased and egocentric verifications of staff, which sacked thousands of qualified workers and dishonesty cleared their family members and political associates.

Unless we fight favouritism and nepotism which are the common identity of the current administration, the state can prosper.

Unlike many years back, nowadays we the youths are more informed, more enlightened. We understand our roles and options. We observe events around the world and in the neighbouring states. We understand political, social and economic imbalances and their bad effects on the society as well as on our own lives. We understand the functions and limitations of government. We can analyze and decide the political situation and the changes that we hope to have in our lives.

Enough for incompetency in Adamawa state. Enough for wasting our resources on fictitious projects. It's time for the youths to critically observe inside and outside of the political situations and decide where our best hope lays.  A man who fails to consolidate members of his party cannot unite the Adamawa state. And without unity, there won't be progress.

For better Adamawa state and its progress, here we bring you SIA for governor 2023.