A lesbian couple murdered man, chopped off fingers to access bank account

Prosecutors claim Maria Malveiro, 19, promised Diogo Goncalves a lap dance but murdered him with her girlfriend Mariana Fonseca after tying him to a chair
Nurse Mariana Fonseca allegedly killed Diogo Goncalves with her lesbian lover

A lesbian pair were accused of the brutal murder of an ex-boyfriend by dismemberment and of cutting off his fingers to reach his checking account.

Cops in Portugal claim that after his mother was killed during a hit-and-run, Diogo Goncalves, 21, recently inherited around $100,000.

Detectives assume that, as part of the scheme to lure him to his death, watchman Maria Malveira, 19, gave Goncalves a horny lap dance.

Before strangling him and cutting his fingers, she then reportedly bound him to a chair. The idea was to use the fingerprints of the dead man to use an app on his smartphone to steal his wealth.

Before turning to nurse Mariana Fonseca, 23, Malveira had previously dated Goncalves as her boyfriend.

The 2 women then dismembered the "sweet" young man at their home using a sword and a cleaver, according to the cops. Goncalves is thought to have been murdered between March 20 and Annunciation.

On March 27, pieces of his body were found scattered throughout the Algarve tourist town. His torso was located approximately 25 km from the women 's house.

His head was found by a French couple hiking in the area. His arms and legs have not been retrieved so far.

Both women have been arrested and held in prison. Neither features a register.

Crime investigator Antonio Madureira confirmed the murder is assumed to possess been financially motivated.

The police work sparked by the looks of the body parts within the Tavira area led to the obtention of important evidence and therefore the identification and arrest of the suspects,” he said.