Abbo’s Timelines in Adamawa’s Politics

Opined by Dayine Njede Samson
Senator Ishaku Abbo, Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone [Photo: Michael V. Bolgent]

Actually Senator Ishaku Abbo’s election as a Senator Representing Adamawa North at the National Assembly that paved the way to the manifestation of the sterling leadership qualities that have defined his outline in Adamawa politics.

At his election, perhaps based on his past political associations and exploits, the senator appeared very clear-headed and clear-minded about the expectations and challenges of representation.

Senator Abbo operated on the prism that without the people element or lack of inclusion, democracy could unwittingly become the tyranny of those in authority. And to raise the ideal of inclusion a notch higher, he made it a part of his mandate to hold periodic interface with members of his immediate constituency and beyond.
By facilitating the interactions with journalists, who derive their mandate from their social contract with the people, the senator was able to factor in the unadulterated feedback that helped him to blend his vision with practical solutions that resonated with the masses.
Perhaps it could be because of Abbo’s self-confidence and determination to serve the people with an open mind that he was not afraid to engage, knowing that because iron sharpens iron, with the interchange of ideas, even unrestrained critique of strategies; public policies could be made to serve popular needs.
During the 2019 general election, it was therefore in his principled stance against the creeping tyranny of the procured majority, which the terribly flawed elections produced, that Abbo gained traction on the drive to expand his political base. His efforts paid off because some of the local governments, which the then ruling party captured in 2015 from the state through guile and gambit, were recovered.     
Having established a very effective synergy among the various institutions of government, community-based organizations and professional groups, Abbo created enough legroom for himself so as to navigate the political waters of his constituency and the state in general.

Before the 2019 general election, however, it was Abbo’s mobilization of ideas and contacts for the welding of fringe opposition platforms into a stronger PDP that received popular acclaim among politicians of the progressive bent in Adamawa State.

However, not minding his contributions to the political engineering that brought PDP back to power and recorded the electoral victory in 2019, it was obvious that Abbo and other like-minds that were in the forefront of the political battle against the right-wing political tendencies were systematically sidelined.

With that new development, which seemed to be largely unforeseen or anticipated, the challenge of delivering on the mandate was exacerbated by the bifurcation of focus and leadership style.
Consequently, the Abbo idea of constant stakeholder engagement and periodic evaluation of processes and strategies did not feature in the newfound victory of the former opposition elements in Adamawa State. But, like a tireless and visionary Argonaut, Abbo has continued to advocate for a more robust political platform as the lever for sustaining the democratic promise of good governance.

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