Adamawa State Government Fails In Protecting Her Citizens And The Citizens Take The Laws Into Their Hands

The Government becomes unable to count on the loyalty of her own members and citizens.
Elisha Bello

By Elisha Bello

When the Government Institutions and the faculties failing expect this :

If Government and other social organization are not meeting up and exercise their responsibilities to protect the lives and people properties there is little cause for internal Security breakdown and conflicts and ethnic cleansing.

A major indicator of impeding conflicts is the fragmentation of state leaders.

When the society is failing and there's no agreement on the solutions, the leaders divide among themselves.

For more than 365 days the Adamawa State Government failed to address the menace by the Shila Boys terrorising innocent people and the internal Security breakdown within the State.

The Government becomes unable to count on the loyalty of her own members and citizens.

Government agencies work at cross - purposes but not in the case of Adamawa State Government led by this current administration.

The Executive, legislative and Judicial branches are competing for power in the state promoting political agenda at the expense of innocent people's lives.

Due to Frasca in the arms of Government, the Armed Forces often disobey the policies of their government and pursue their own agendas. And the private sector is often divided. 

Landowners and farmworkers are at odds and destroying the hard-earned grain and crops harvest or ready to be harvested.

Industry and labour are unable to agree on goals and policies to catapult the state economy and create jobs for the unemployed youth in the state due to the internal Security breakdown.

And now the masses reacted and the outcome speaks louder, every week Shila boys are killed by the citizens without considering the rules of law because the government has failed to protect her citizens in the state.

I'm still calling on the Government to quickly find solutions to the killings and bring an end to the Shila boys activities and other criminality in the state.

The Adamawa State Government should know that this is beyond party and politics because it's internal security breakdown and ethnics conflicts, remember the incident in Rwanda and many African countries that experienced internal security breakdown and Peace set back due to this kind of the incident we are experiencing in our beloved state.

The only solution is Proactive measures and inclusiveness.

Let me remind this administration and most of our leaders in the state, that you're on your own to solve problems when people feel isolated, excluded from the conversation, and disrespected!

You must work hard to restore HONOR to our culture. It says something about you when it's gone!

I'm Elisha Bello.
God bless Adamawa State
God bless Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

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