Adamawa State House of Assembly Secretly Approves a N100 Billion Loan For Fintiri, Lawmakers Kicks

... they secretly accepted the loan
Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (Photo Credits: @iDomiya)

In Summary

  • State Lawmakers Invited For Emergency Executive Bogus Approval Of N100m Loan
  • Security Agency Bans, Bars Newsmen From Assembly Complex To Confirm The Loan Deal
  • Lone Seeming Anti-loan Patriotic Lawmaker Stages A Workout, Says He’ll Not Be A Party To Mortgaging The State
  • PASAN Cries Fraudulent Fault, Says Striking Members Did Not Participate In The Legislative-Executive Restrictive Deal
  • APC Frowns At Bogus Loan, Says Executive-Legislative Romance Will Mortgage Future Generation
  • SCO Says It’s Unbelievable, Ridiculous, Unacceptable Reducing Adamawa To A Republic Of Debtors
  • Adamawa State Government Says It’s A Bond Meant For Agric Business Support, Not A Loan
  • How Originally Critical Is A Governor Who Lamented N115bn Loan Inherited From Past Governments, To Secure A Loan, By Whatever Name, Of N130bn With Just two Years?
  • There Could Be Another Loan To Run The Remaining Two Years Of Fintiri Led Government

The decision of their colleagues to approve a N100 billion loan sought by governor Ahmadu Fintiri has angered some members of the Adamawa State House of Assembly.

The lawmakers returned from recess for an emergency plenary, where they secretly accepted the loan.

Journalists went to the state assembly complex after receiving a tip about the emergency plenary, but were refused entry by armed security personnel on the assembly members' orders.

Alhaji Abdullahi Umar Yapak, Member representing Verre constituency, addressing Constituents (Facebook )

The governor's request for the loan was unclear, but Abdullah I Tapam, a member of the All Progressives Congress in the state assembly, said the procedure was unconstitutional.

While answering questions from journalists, the lawmaker stated that the Fintiri-led government has so far borrowed over N30 billion in loans, including a N15 billion infrastructure loan, a N9.9 billion housing scheme, and a N2 billion COVID-19 loan, among others.

When the acting speaker and deputy speaker of the house, Pwamakeno Mackendo, who oversaw the session, insisted on doing the wrong thing, Abdullahi Umar Yapak, who is the chairman of the house committee on inter-parliamentary, labor, and jobs, said he had to leave the plenary.

"I received a text message yesterday that we should convene at the assembly complex without actually knowing what is going to transpire.

"When we came in, the deputy speaker who led the plenary in acting capacity brought three letters and I rejected all the three letters. But what baffles me much is the N100bn loan which the governor is seeking.

"I objected to that because there are procedures, there are financial regulations which we have to abide by

"There is provision in 2021 budget, a column for domestic borrowing and in that column, we approve only N20bn. Because of that I staunchly stood my ground that we should not approve a loan above N20bn.

“What took place in the house today was wrong because the poor man in the village will not understand what we are doing here.

”So I advice that they should split it to N25bn this year, next year and the remaining two years, they still objected.

"I still called the attention of the plenary to the budget provision but they still turned me down. I also asked the plenary to respect the house standing orders so that we can split into two according to those in support or against the loan and I was overruled. Since there is nothing more I could do I have to walk out of the house,” he said.

Adamawa State House of Assembly

When asked what the government was looking for in the loans, Yapak said he couldn't tell from the letters because they were read quickly.