Adamawa: The Indefinite Ban On Riding Of Motorcycles And Its Attendant Consequences

The Gazette Staff
Written by The Gazette Staff

The 24hrs ban placed on riding of motorcycles in the 21 Local Government Areas of Adamawa State is rather unfortunate and came at the wrong time given the challenges it portends to our people at the rural areas (especially farmers) but given the fact thàt it is being done in the interest of all – to safeguard our lives and property, we have to abide by it however much we feel about it.

The majority of the people in Adamawa State ( if not 75% of them) engage in farming as their only source of livelihood and this is one of the most important period all farmers do utilise to maximise their yield or production, ranging from clearing of fàrmlands and ploughing. Some have even passed this stage and have since planted their crops on their various farms.

Therefore, the ban will bring about an untold hardship and some difficulties to the majority of our farmers especially that most of these fàrmlands are far away and conveyance of labourers and farming tools or implements are usually carried out by motorcycles as cars can not penetrate those remotest areas in the bush.

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However, looking at the spate and incessant kidnappings as well as the proliferation of criminal acts in recent times which situation has now become rampant, the Government and Security Operatives have to rise to the occasion to protect the lives and property of the citizenry.

One of the primary responsibilities of any government is to secure the lives and property of its people, failing which the government will lack credibility and this is likely to make the citizens refused to be patriotic and obedient to its orders. This will affect the smooth running of the government and probably cause disaffection in the society.

However the far reaching implications and the concomitant effect this ban will bring to bear on us, we have to make the sacrifice in the interest of the overall well being of the society. Rebelling against such a lawfull order or disobeying it will only give an opportunity to the perpetrators of evil in our society to continue to promote their nefarious activities.

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I also call on the government to review this ban from time to time so as to cussion the negative effect it will have on farmers and rural dwellers. At this juncture, I will go with the majority voice regarding the suggestion that the ban should operate from 6:pm to 6:am for now to avoid any inconvenience to these farmers since it may be reviewed anytime if the Security situation does not improve.

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