Afrobeat king Tony Allen passes away at age 79

... perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived
Tony Allen has been described as "perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived".

Nigerian icon drummer Tony Allen, an Afrobeat musical genre co-founder, died in Paris at the age of 79 on Thursday, says his manager.

In the 1960-70s Allen was the drummer and musical director of the popular band Africa '70 by musician Fela Kuti.

Fela who died in 1997 once said that there would be no Afrobeat without Tony Allen.

UK musician Brian Eno has also described him as "perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived"

Allen's work and life story has been recorded in his 2013 autobiography Tony Allen: Afrobeat's Master Drummer blends elements of western African fuji music and highlife styles with American funk and jazz.

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