ANAR: Daughter Tasks Mourners To Step Into Sir Joda's Shoes

Adamawa Network Against Rape (ANAR)

Hajiya Asmau, daughter of Sir Ahmed Joda of blessed memory has tasked mourners to step into her father's shoes, for the greatest good of the society.

Asma'u charges mourners Wednesday, when a delegation of Adamawa Network Against Rape (ANAR), previously known as Adamawa Coalition Against Rape (ACAR), paid a condolence visit to the family.

The leader of the delegation, Dr Adamu Muhammad Dodo said they joined as a family in mourning the demise of their great mentor and patron, to also as a delegation, condole with Hajiya Asmau, the ANAR lead convener and the entire Joda family over the nation's irreparable loss of a nationalist, the unsung hero whose posthumous encomiums, by means of tributes, have spoken intimidating volumes.

Dodo said that it would not be possible to step into Sir Joda's undoubted oversized shoes and be able to walk without missing steps.

Having thanked ANAR for the condolence, Asma'u said, the task ahead would be to step into the a nationalist shoes, to pick the baton passed over by the super heroe, whose selfless service and struggles kept the country united.

"I know it is difficult. However, as a collective responsibility, each and every one of us can take as aspect, a part of the selfless task in building the nation," Asmau would say.

Asmau said that Baba Joda has done his best till his last breath, mourners should celebrate with worthy wishes and prayers of a blissful life great beyond. 

According to Asmau, Baba died at the age of 91 and she is 65 years old as his daughter. It is very rare to have a nonagenarian father with the life expectancy put at 60 years. 


ANAR is a CAC registered coalition of civil society organisations, faith based organisations and the media practitioners engaged in a war against rape that is gradually eating deep into the flesh of the society owing to moral bankruptcy, conspiracy of silence and complicity of the religious and traditional institutions at a community level, to discourage litigation under the cover of out of court settlement.

Among ANAR's tasks are the advocacy, media sensitisations against rape, the call for naming and shaming the predators and helping the survivors to demand for justice.

Joda who died four days ago was the patron of ANAR, his last public engagement with the group members was on February last year during his 90th birthday organised by Hajiya Asma'u Joda the lead ANAR convener.