I have gone round yesterday being Saturday (market day) in Ganye and have come face to face with the real sufferings of my people following the indefinite ban on motorcycles by the authorities. I couldn’t help but shade tears, an inner one and wonder what will become of our people’s survival should the ban is not lifted in a near future.

The army of people trooping and treking on foot with their loads in hand and atop their heads, some with fasting under the scotching sun, others particularly women with children strapped on their backs, holding the hands of the bigger ones, makes a pathetic scene.

You will see them sweating, suffering and smiling with nowhere to take their plea for mercy and no one to speak or say no on their behalf due to this unfortunate security policy that affects only the downtrodden. You will wonder again if this security measure is meant to safeguard us or to further plunge the land in hunger, inadequacies, want and despair.

In a saner climes, before such security measures are taken, the Government must have made provisions for alternative means to cushion the negative effect the policy will bring to bear on its subjects. Here, reverse is the case as we have no public transport system funded by the Government in place. Government should have at least buy, subsidise and loan more tricycles to our “Yan achaba” before implementing the policy. But who cares!

It is regrettable to learn:

1. That there are few tricycles around that can meet the yearnings and demand of our people who are mostly farmers and marketters (business men) and most of these markets are located far away in the rural and remotest areas of the country side. Only motorcycles can penetrate into those areas with poor road network neglected over the years by the same authorities that ban the use of Motorcycles.

2. The few tricycles around cannot carry the loads which the motorcycles used to carry and where they can, it is always impossible for them to travel to the distance the passenger would want them to. Again, where they manage to meet the intended distance, the exhobitant charges they give is beyond the ability of the locals.

3. More than half of our marketters no longer go to the market as observed from Sugu, Gamu,Nongvan, Toungo, Nadu, Boswan and yesterday at Ganye markets due to the transportation palaver we landed in.

4. Farming activities have already been under a serious threat as most of our fertile lands are far away in the bushes and many of the cross section of farmers this writer interviewed recently are saying they would rather abandon their farms rather than invest their money and energy only to give up at long run if the ban is not lifted.

5. Social engagements and day to day runnings have drastically reduced. I took a drive from Buwangal junction to Sangasumi on the busiest day of the week (Saturday) but it seems there is a curfew in town. Only a crop of people here and there with the empty streets occupied by sheeps, porks and goats.

6. The popular joint where tramadol and Indian hemp are being smoked and hawked, known as “APGA” at the river side is now overflowing with some of the youths (Yan achaba) now rendered jobless as a result of the ban on motorcycles.

With the above development, I need not elaborate on the likely result and/or consequences of this security policy, ( banning the use of motorcycles in Ganye, Jada, Mayobelwa and Toungo Local Government Areas of Adamawa State). Make no mistake, your guess is as good as mine. Lord have mercy!

~Abdulrahman Njidda Esq~√
Principal Partner
Njidda & Co (Husnah Chambers)
New Market Road, Ganye LGA

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  1. Esq. I agree with you 100% but who will be the voice of poor? i guess it is high time we have risen to face the reality of the challenge

  2. I wrote something similar to yours. I must comment your power of communication honestly. You are simple and down to Earth. Spare parts sellers r also affected; so also some worshippers who have to travel long to worshipping places. Indeed something must be done quickly. As rightly pointed by u economics activities r thwarted. Other alternatives must imployed if not i see crime increase, i see a chaotic society God help us


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