BBnaija:First Diary Session with Jackie B



BB: How do you feel?

JACKIE B: It's like crazy. Am blessed, feel like home, everyone is nice.
Am getting used to the feeling

BB: How do you see your fellow house mates?

JACKIE B: I have had conversations with about 80% of them.
Most of them have good vibes.

BB: Which of your fellow HM do you see yourself forming a strategic alliance with?

JACKIE B: Am careful about that. I have trust issues. I don't mind just hanging with fellow HM.
I like Sammy, YOUSEF, JayPaul.
Let's see how it goes

BB: Before you entered BB house, you went into isolation for a few weeks. Share with BB, your experience and lessons

JACKIE B: It was not an easy experience.
Made me appreciate how important my family is to me. The survival makes me feel I will survive everything.

BB: Anything else?

JACKIE B: I shared my medication with a fellow HM. Hope I did not do wrong by that act. If you can please replace it for me.