#BBNaija: Meet The Female Housemates Of The BBNaija Season 6, Their Photos And Brief Descriptions

There are 11 women in all this season, and each of them has pledged to add a lot of fun and excitement to the show.

It's the ladies' night on the second night of the BBNaija double launch program.
The season 6 edition of the show began with the women strutting into Biggie's residence. There are 11 women in all this season, and each of them has pledged to add a lot of fun and excitement to the show.

As part of the season's twists, Big Brother revealed that two of the housemates are Wildcards, and if the other housemates can identify them by the end of the week, they will be expelled from the show. If they do not, they will be eligible to compete for the ultimate prize. The audience will also learn about the wildcards during a diary session on Thursday at 3 p.m.



Jackie B, a single mother of two, is 29 years old. She considers herself to be nice and easygoing. She also informs us that this is the first time she will be away from her son for this length of time, and she hopes he is proud of her. Jackie is here to mingle and find new friends. She'll undoubtedly meet her match.


Nini is a 26-year-old Edo state fashion model. She currently has a fashion label and strives for excellence in whatever she does. She despises trouble, but if you go looking for it, she will provide it to you. She seemed to be packing the heat as well.


Princess is a cab driver who is 30 years old. She enjoys cooking and having fun. Senator Bukola Saraki is her secret crush. Princess claims she's here for the drama and the pleasure. So, we're ready!


Roseline is a 27-year-old entertainer and dancer. She describes herself as a woman with many different personalities. She says she'll be bringing her thick thighs as well as drama to the event. She thinks of herself as a vibe machine, and we can't wait for the Saturday night gatherings.


Maria works as a real estate agent in Dubai. She identifies herself as a good person and vows to be completely herself throughout the event. Maria's greatest fear is going broke.
She's come to get the money, and we're hoping she does.


Arin is a cultural producer and a person who enjoys having fun. She is passionate about art and describes herself as someone you can confide in. She's a whirlwind of energy with 17 piercings all over her body. She said she had 24 in total but had only closed 7.


Tega pledges to provide pure energy to the show throughout. We are excited because she says she is come for drama and mayhem. She also offers a little spice and claims to be the person the program needs to break up its monotony.


Saskay is a 21-year-old model and artist. She describes herself as a person with a lot of talent, a lot of fun, and a lot of emotions. She's here, she claims, to keep us riveted to our screens, and she continues, "No matter the condition, she'll always find the vibe that works."


Peace describes herself as easygoing and loving, just like her name implies. She is an artist and she promises to have fun and bring calm vibes to the show. Well, let’s see.


Angel, a 21-year-old fashion model full of energy and joy, promises to liven up Saturday night events. She describes herself as outgoing and entertaining. She also has a lot of tattoos, which makes her stand out.


Beatrice is a fashion model and graduate of the University of Port Harcourt. She describes herself as a calm lady who loves attention. She is single and ready to socialize.
She has promised us tons of entertainment and tears and we are so here for that!