BBNAIJA: What is the Problem of Nigerians

Untill Nigerians wake up from slumber, Nigeria will continue to get worst by the day.
BB Naija

By Msuega Terna Jnr

On Sunday, 19th July, 2020, the whole social media platforms was occupied with fans of a meaningless and nonsense event called Big Brother Naija with many calling on friends and family members to support their candidates.

It will interest you to know that no post made by these fans welcomed less that 50 comments and reactions.

People's reactions to this nonsense puts many questions to my mind ranging from what impact does the so called BBN has on me or on our society?

There are situations where people in critical situations made posts on social media platforms calling on spirited individuals for assistance but disappointedly attracted little or no reactions.

This BBN has no moral lesson or impact on any Nigerian but there are a lot of individuals who are willing to aggressively and happily sacrifice their hard earned resources(money specifically) to vote for various candidates of their choices.

What we can only see in the so called BBN is a house occupied with jobless prostitutes who lives dirty( have sex, do crazy plays, bath naked) to the viewing of the public including their parents.

The money which people should use to vote for this hazardous event is the same money many poor Nigerians are praying to have access to in no avail so they can feed their wards.

But Nigerians prefer donating these same money to a few who chooses the otherwise of life.

A vote they said will cost the voters N30, and there are people who will not hesitate to vote a thousand times.

Untill Nigerians wake up from slumber, Nigeria will continue to get worst by the day.

Msuega Terna Jnr Mrp is a common year one student at Benue state University, Makurdi who does not know anything.

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