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Between Evangelist Kwanye Tumba and Apostle Marwa Tumba, Where Does The Truth Lies

She kept on telling people that she has seen me in a vision, and she still brought the document the second time as a seed to sow in the ministry, and we still rejected and gave it back to her, me, and my elders.
Evangelist Kwanye Tumba (Left) and Apostle Marwa Tumba with his Wife (Right)

The Pastor of House Chapel in Karewa, Yola North Local Government Area of the State, Apostle Marwa Tumba has been dragged by Female Evangelist Kwanye Tumba to Criminal Area Court II for allegedly refusing to marry her.

Evangelist Kwanye told the Area Court that the 28-year-old preacher, Marwa Tumba, had vowed to marry her, but after squandering her hard-earned money and wasting her soul, he dumped her for another girl.

According to Kwanye, after a prayer meeting at Yolde Pate, in Yola South LGA in 2019, she first met the acclaimed man of God, after which he told her that he had a vision that she had a husband.

She claimed that Pastor Marwa told her that she was now his wife and he immediately asked her to start seeding a seed, adding that by sending him the amount of #1000, she began sowing the seed as demanded by the pastor.

Kwanye, in her statement, said that often later, when she worked for a non-governmental agency, the man visited her in her flat she built, adding that she welcomed him, cooked food for him and from there they began their relationship with a promise that he would marry her as seen in the vision.

Evangelist Kwanye claimed that her pastor friend later told her to resign from her job and sell her house before she got married and that she agreed and tendered her letter of resignation and sold the house for N500,000.00.

According to her, she immediately deposited the amount of #50,000 as a tithe into the pastor's account after the money from the house was paid to her and used the leftover money to support the church from time to time before all the money was finished.

She told the court that it was a time that he asked her to send him a rundown of all the things that she did for her marriage, as given by tradition.

The claimant told the court that the last thing he did was to ask her to go to her parents in Michika and wait for him, as he would then accompany her for a proper introduction and marriage agreement.

Evangelist Kwanye Tumba

She added that without him coming to make an appearance, she spent several days in the village as he promised, adding that when her parents learned that it was a lie, they begged her to leave their home.

Kwanye said, he hadn't picked up her calls again since then, and then, when she got exhausted and frustrated, she left Michika for Yola, and to her absolute dismay, she couldn't locate Pastor Marwa's whereabouts again.

After he chopped her income, she lamented that he deserted her, made her leave her career, sold her only home, and became unhappy, saying that she currently lives in an unfinished building in Yolde Pate and sells vegetables to make a living.

But the Man of God refuted the allegations when the statement of the lawsuit was read to the defendant upon his arraignment in court on Monday.

Pastor Marwa's Side of the Story

The defendant, Pastor Marwa when approached by THE GAZETTE narrated his own version of the story saying, their first encounter was in Yolde Pate around 2018 during a program where he was invited as a guest speaker. During the program "everybody was rushing to sow seed" and Kwanye gave her seed in a small paper, and he can't tell how much it was.

"When I was about to go, she was worried that she wants to talk to me, and she told me that I should look at her and that she was frustrated and dismissed from her place of work, AUN. She was frustrated and that she was growing older and no husband, and I assured her that God would give her a husband, then I left."

"After I left, she looked for my number and called me on phone telling me that the prophecy I gave her concerning getting a husband has been revealed to her in a vision, not knowing I was the one she meant.

"She traced my Church where I do attend fellowship;  Mike Ochebo's Church, Freedom Power Chapel. She started attending the church; lying to the Pastor that God told her that's her church to fellowship, not knowing her eyes were on me". Not long when she met Pastor Mike Ochebo telling him that She saw me in a vision that I would marry her."

"On arrival at the Church, the Pastor called me and told me what the lady told him, there is something wrong about this vision (Mike Ochebo said to Marwa), and I replied saying yes I know this is demonic, and it can't be true".

"As time goes on, in the same church, she fell under an anointing in 2019 (anointing according to her) during the 21 days of fasting, and she started prophesying (anointing of lies he claimed) that 'Apostle Marwa is my Husband... We would go to Canada, we would go to countries she has been saying'. After Pastors heard this, they had to remove her out of the church, to an extent that I had to use an alternative door to go out because of the disgrace.

"Meanwhile, some pastors from a town called me, like Pastor Abel, a serving pastor under Mike Ochebo, told me what this lady met him, and she was saying. This lady even traced my ministry (which we do in my home). Meanwhile, all these while I see her as not mentally stable and I don't want to disgrace her and pursue her so that the public would not see it as a man of God maltreating her.

"She brought the document of her house, she wants to give the Ministry as a seed, immediately the spirit of God told me to reject this, and I told her I won't collect this. She still brought it to Me, insisting that I should hold it for her and that she would collect it when she gets back from her journey from Michika.

"When she came back from Michika, I took the documents of the house and came to the church and met Pastor Abel, fortunately, She was in the church that day. I gave the document to the pastor and told him what transpired between us about the documents; she insisted that I should hold the document (while narrating to Pastor Abel). I requested the pastor to personally hand over the documents to her and the Pastor handed the documents to her personally.

Apostle Kwanye Among the Congregation Worshiping

"She kept on telling people that she has seen me in a vision, and she still brought the document the second time as a seed to sow in the ministry, and we still rejected and gave it back to her, me, and my elders.

"The third time, she wrapped it in leather and threw it on the altar. I opened the leather after service and immediately said they should call her and still returned it to her in front of Elders".

"After a few days, she came for counselling and told me that she wants to sell the house because she is doing nothing, and she is frustrated and that I should advise her and I said, Kwanye, You're 38 years, and I am 28 years, so I can't advise you to sell your house or not.

"Either she sold her house, I don't know!  She brought money to the ministry as her tithe (N50,000) according to her and I made it clear to her that I don't understand her, and I am cautioning her that if she is giving it to God she should, but if it's because you're seeing it in a vision that I am your husband, then the church can't accept this. Then she replied that she is doing it for God, and then we collect that tithe.

As time goes on, she deposited the sum of N100,000 into my account (The ministry displays my personal for its members because we yet to get done with CAC certification), and to be sincere, I didn't trust the money, so I kept it separate, and didn't make use of it.

She reported me to Nigerian Chaplaincy with their office in a shopping complex, telling them the same story of she saw me in vision that I am her husband and she most marry me.

Apostle Marwa with His New Wife Which acording to sources Triggered Evang. Kwanye to take the matter to Court

" When Chaplaincy called me which I knew it was about Kwanye, I held the N100,000 cash and honoured their invitation, explaining to them, I didn't trust the money and I can not use it.

"And in front of the chaplaincy, I returned the money where we all signed for evidence purposes (as seen in the document below).

"After we were done, later on in 2020 Kwanye took me to court in Damare. There was no seating even for once in Damare court, we went the other day they said the judge was not around. We waited for when they would call us again but no response.

"She kept on threatening me on the phone which I recorded and sent to my lawyer before I lost my phone.

Ending last year, she stood in front of the ministry revealing what she did to me one by one asking for forgiveness, I and the ministry told her that we have forgiven her, and we would not collect her tithe any more (though some members were angry I insisted we would not collect her tithe). The incident happened in November since then things were going normal till last Saturday that I got summon by the court that they want me to appear on Monday.

" That's someone that came and ask for forgiveness. The issue of relationship has never come in between me and Kwanye even in a play format".

"I told Kwanye that my God is not wicked to give me a wife of 38 years while I am this young man of 28 years old. She is not even in the 1 million categories of women that I would like. So she should calm down and get who the Lord has destined for her.

Marwa Tumba with His New Wife
Marwa Tumba with His New Wife
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