Borno healthcare mgt agency to commence enrollment of beneficiaries

this contribution healthcare concept is a great one, we welcome it and are very sure of its goals: it's a very good one
Borno healthcare mgt agency to commence enrollment of beneficiaries

One of the major challenges in Nigeria remains access to reliable, efficient, and affordable healthcare among different income groups.

In Borno, the situation is not very different, with a significant chunk of the population finding it difficult to access affordable drugs.

These and more factors influenced the establishment of the Borno State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (BOSCHMA).

It is working on how to improve the access of civil servants, private employees, pensioners and disadvantaged people to healthcare.

How does the Agency function!

It is a contribution-based scheme where enrollees pay a fraction of their earnings over a given period, whether they are employees or retirees, while the government pays the higher proportion, covering the expenses of the primary enrollee, spouses and four dependents.

According to the executive secretary of the department, Dr Saleh Abba Kaza, enrollment has already begun on the basis of this agreement.

He explained that deduction of the monthly charges will commence this year while access to service is targeted to start in March 2021.

"The agency has three sources of funding: payment of premium by enrollees, equity contributions from government and nongovernmental sources, and the basic health care provision fund, which specifically targets the poor and vulnerable population.

"The formal sector includes the Borno state public/civil service employees, organized private sector, tertiary institutions and retirees.

"When a civil servant registers, six members of his family will be covered, that's: the principal, his spouse and four biological children below the age of 18 years,' Dr. Kaza said.

In a two-day workshop conducted last week on Wednesday and Thursday, organized by the agency and held at the Pharmacy Auditorium of the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, Dr Kaza revealed this.

The workshop was coordinated by ministries, departments and agencies, MDAs, and trade unions to sensitize the public on how the organization operates.

The representative of the MDAs and the trade unions praised the scheme during the session, saying it is a positive step towards providing people of Borno state with access to quality healthcare.

Although commending Dr Kaza for his efforts, some remarks on the contribution the framework was also posed by the participants, in particular by the workers.

The State Secretary of the Nigerian Teachers Union, Bako Lawan, said
'this contribution healthcare concept is a great one, we welcome it and are very sure of its goals: it's a very good one.

"But our concern is, particularly with the primary school teacher. Not only the issue of promotion but the implementation of the N18, 000 minimum wage. It is not implemented fully. Some local governments enjoy 60% while others still get zero allocation in that respect.

"So if the scheme is implemented, the issue of equity is not even there because apart from lack of promotion implementation, annual increment, there are so many issues lingering with the government to settle. So if as said that deduction will commence based on grade level, then the issue of equality is not there.

"Imagine someone earning N10, 000 and the other N2, 000 and then you collect 1000 from both of them, what remains to the one earning N1, 000,' the secretary said.

Also speaking, the Nigerian Labour Congress' State Chairman, Comd. Bulama Abiso said they are doing their utmost to ensure that fees are met based on what people are paid.

'So even if you have your promotion at hand, and it has not been reflected, when it comes to deduction, it will not show.... However, lack of promotion is another problem we have been agitating for,' Abiso said.

Dr. Kaza told them that all feedback and observations would be noted.