BREAKING: WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Are Back Online After Minutes of Outage

Couldn't access WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Instagram today? Here's what was down in the major outage
Social Networking Apps

Instagram and WhatsApp are popular social media platforms. For about 30 minutes today, Facebook and Facebook Messenger were unavailable to millions of users, with users complaining that they couldn't access the Facebook-owned social media platforms.

"We're sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again," said the Instagram app whenever we tried to access any part of the app. We're now able to refresh our feed of photos and videos, nor were we able to send messages.

The WhatsApp app was similar, with a 'Connecting' and circular icon near the top, and the Facebook Messenger app had similar issues. For about a half hour, no messages were sent to our contacts.

Facebook has yet to comment on the problems, but similar problems have occurred in the past, with all of these services experiencing outages at the same time.

Facebook has yet to respond to TechRadar's request for comment on the situation. We haven't received official confirmation from Facebook as to why its services went down or how many of its billions of users were affected.

We'll keep an eye on the four Facebook-owned services – which don't appear to be down – in case your messages go down again.

We confirmed that services were interrupted in the United States and the United Kingdom, and we saw a huge spike in complaints on DownDetector from all over the world, including Spain, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Russia.