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British Scientists Warn 'COVID-19 cases will rise despite vaccine'

... may lead to a small surge of cases and deaths
Syring and COVID-19 Vaccines

Lifting restrictions in the coming weeks, according to a group of scientists who advise the British government on the coronavirus outbreak, "may lead to a small surge of cases and deaths".

Minutes from a meeting with members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) released on Tuesday warned that cases "on a similar scale to January 2021 after later stages" of the route out of lockdown could increase.

Despite the progress of Britain's vaccine rollout, which has seen more than 31.5 million people receive their first dose and 5.4 million receive both doses so far, the alert was issued.

According to Imperial College London scientists, “vaccination alone will not be sufficient to keep the epidemic under control” due to eligibility, vaccine hesitancy, and the high transmissibility of the circulating coronavirus variant.

They suggested that the safest way for Britain to keep hospitalizations and deaths low would be to keep restrictions at stage two of the expected easing until April 12, but that this would be contingent on citizens following the law.

Stage two permits groups of six people to gather outside, non-essential retail to reopen, pubs and restaurants to reopen only outside, and gyms and salons to reopen.

International travel is prohibited, and activities such as plays and concerts have been canceled.

On Monday, England will begin stage two, while Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland have already permitted some businesses to reopen.

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