Circular Flow of Poverty-Hooks Law

if you cannot buy them books teach them how to develop an interest in learning.

By Sini Yakubu Wule

The mind is unlimited however it requires nourishment for it to develop and function as it should. Challenges are ingredients’ that nourishes the mind and that’s why the school system (formal and informal) is an important factor that facilitates the development of the mind because the school system presents challenges to the mind that forces it to grow and develop.

Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer at the expense of the poor while the poor die in poverty while making the rich richer? The mind, is the extent to which their minds are stretch to developed.

Hooks Law “The extension of an elastic material is directly proportional to the applied force provided the elastic limit is not exceeded” however the mind has no elastic limit as such let’s state it this way “the extent to which the mind grows/develop to produce a result is directly proportional to the force applied to it till infinity”. 

It, therefore, becomes a necessity and a responsibility for everyone to ensure that children are exposed to systems that will allow their minds to grow and develop so that they will be productive and impact the world positively. They are full of energy, if their energy is not harnessed and utilized positively, they will deploy it for the wrong thing that will eventually hunt everybody.

If you cannot build a school for children tell them about the reason why they need to go to school if you cannot buy them uniform teach them how to start going to school without uniform (my story) if you cannot buy them books teach them how to develop an interest in learning.

Children in most communities ravaged by insurgency in Northeast, Nigeria are out of school, it is our responsibility to sensitize children and parents about the need for child education if at all we want to cut off the circular flow of poverty, banditry, terrorism and insurgency in Nigeria.