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Damage Control: ‘Sen Bindow isn’t part of the story making round against President Buhari – Aide

He only visits Yola South APC to unite warring factions ahead of 2023 elections
Former Adamawa Governor Umaru Jibrila Bindow

  • Allowing any sort of foul-mouthing, abuse, libel, and/or castigation against any faction — this is the business of reconciliation, reunion. critic of literature

Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, the former Adamawa state governor, has not joined the venomous, libel mouthed in lambasting and lampooning, catastrophically catapulting and castigating, rather casting aspersions against Yola South politicians and President Muhammadu Buhari's personality; heinously wishing him transported to the great beyond, according to an online media report.

According to the online media, sympathetic to Bindow,
“based on the decision taken by All Progressives Congress (APC) stakeholders at all levels to consult widely for the party’s cohesion and unity of all members, the immediate past Governor of Adamawa State Senator Muhammadu Umaru Jibrilla Bindow was in Yola South Local Government to unite a perceived warring factions of the party.

“The lingering crisis of the two factions Umaru vowed to foster peace for the benefit of APC in the state.

“The meeting which brought together former Adamawa Speaker, Rt Hon Kabiru Mijinyawa, former commissioner of local government and chieftaincy affairs, Mustapha Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha, and many former aides and party critical stakeholders of the local government.

“Our reporter gathered that the former Governor insists on the two-party factions to tow the path of peace and unity which is the main essence of his visit”.

How effective is reconciliation when only one group is involved, and the mediator's silence suggests that he is endorsing the onslaught initiated against the other faction in his absence? The literary critic Yunusa Abubakar would opine.

The online media continued that

“Alhaji Bala Usman, APC loyalist and former aide to Senator Jibrilla however granted an interview to this medium that a viral audio and some online media are peddling a different part of the meeting whereby dragging the name of Umaru over what he knows nothing about”.

Dragging the name of Umaru over what he knew nothing about? Was not Bindow as “mediator” at the venue of the akin to disintegration, one-sided reunion meeting?

The online media continued that

 â€œUsman said viral making story on the social media that Suleiman Adamu, APC caretaker committee Chairman of Yola South wishing President Muhammadu Buhari dead with Coronavirus and report are dragging the name of Senator Jibrilla is total wickedness because he is never part of whatever bad they discussed.

“I want people to listen to that audio very well, there was no anywhere Bindow’s voice was been recorded or heard of him saying anything. This is just a premeditated plan to smear his name for blackmail and mischievous reasons”.

What a statement of indictment!
‘There was no anywhere Bindow’s voice was been recorded or heard of him saying anything’, keeping mute, as a mediator, suggests an endorsement of whatever statement as part of resolutions reached, with audio recorder playing the secretary to the meeting.

The online media continued, quoting Bindow’s aide, Bala as saying,

“May I however said that they have all failed, those wishing and aiming him bad over what he knows nothing about they have indeed failed.

“I want to say that, my Principal cannot support evil to triumph over good, or anybody raining causes on President Muhammadu Buhari. This is not him, and he cant never be part of it. He was there to mend fences of our dear party, which for the past two weeks he has been meeting with different party stakeholders to bring total unity for the party to succeed in the coming 2023 General elections.”

The online media continued,

“Bala reiterated that the audio and the reports have exonerated Senator Umaru as there was not anywhere he has been quoted saying anything bad against the Buhari who he always and respectfully calling him “My Father”. Dragging his name to the purported report is unjustifiable, it’s aimed at blackmailing him and tarnishing his good name in the eyes of the President.

“I want to categorically say that Bindow is never in any way associating himself with that report and we demand a retract of his name and unreserved apology.” Bala added

The question is whether Bindow was present at the meeting, and whether, through mediation, he attempted to prevent the alleged foul-mouthed from being chastised, casting aspersions on other party members, and threatening the President with death.

“Whether or not the mediator in Bindow tried to correct the impression that not only him as a governor then, the federal government has equally brought and is still bringing development to Adamawa state,” the literary critic would observe.

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