#DearMen, If You Can’t Satisfy Her, Get Up And Leave

Photo Showing Man Losing Interest In his Wife

You can't kill yourself trying to please her, dear boys. Yes, I meant that you wouldn't be able to kill yourself, trying to please her attentions.

Even when it's not due, most ladies like sharing words with their men. When you're a cool or a calm man, this is what you face and sadly you've come across the hottest-tempered lady in the world.
A lot of ladies are full of the habit of temptation. They try to find some means just to get your attention, even if you are not in the mood for an argument or a war. Stop girls like that. Avoid such girls, I repeat. If not, you may end up being involved in something you never wanted.

Any time there is trouble, maintaining a long-lasting bond with her still ignores her. I meant to take leave outside the house to a friend's place or the beachside or somewhere you can get a refreshment when there is a problem that you know will possibly end up in a war.

This is what ought to be done by gentlemen like you. Some ladies usually purposely get into your nerves to see how self-controlled you are. Do not fall into their tricks with the victim. Gentlemen, no matter how irritating she is, is the one who doesn't and will never lay a finger on her wife. While these temptations are difficult to conquer, you should still be concentrated. Any man who puts his hands on a woman is less respected as a man. Don't ever lay your finger on your wife if you don't want to risk your title as a man.

I know that you really love her from your heart, and your biggest fear in life is losing her. She keeps nagging, however. Sit her down and talk to her. She's probably going to improve over time.

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