Do You Really Have Friends? Avoid these 7 kinds of friends

Friendship, like love and trust, is not purchased, it is won.
Friendship is never bought, it's earned

Whether you’re celebrating life or happen to experience an unexpected bump, there is the yarn of having someone close with a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or finding the silver lining in a less than ideal situation — all of it means the world to you, simply knowing that someone is there supporting you every step of the way.

Friendship, like love and trust, is not purchased, it is won. So, are you picking those people that you call friends? Completely! Completely! Are there any mates that you can live without? Sure! Of course!

And are there the kinds of mates that you do have that you ought to avoid?

Here are seven forms of friends that you should stay away from absolutely.

1. Those who do not mean well to you

Examples of friends you can throw out of your life include finding people you call friends who wish to see your ruin. These individuals say nothing positive for you and NEVER express compassion or respect for your hard work, and when you need it, they don't support you.

2. The ones that backbite

You should stop people who talk poorly about you behind your back. These individuals still feel jealous of you and your successes. They expect you to believe the same, but they speak to those who love and trust you about your hidden faults ... all in an effort to turn them against you, too.

3. Those friends who are claiming to be

Pretenders are mates with no one. These people do nothing but cheat day in and day out in front of you. They don't, frankly, give a fuck about you at all. Everything they think about is themselves and what by you they want to accomplish. For you, they grin and do whatever they can to carry your downfall when you least expect it.

4. Those who do a lot of talking

In people who speak a whole lot, there's both positive and evil. The positive news is, in those dark and depressing days, they keep you company, trying to make your life laugh with their stories. But much like they are asking you about other people, they are asking you about you as well. They have a hard time managing what comes out of their mouth, and that's not a positive thing.

5. Rather than yourself, others who get closer to your partners

Those friends who become too friendly to your wife or girlfriend or to your children are risky. These individuals come into your life and then immediately become the best friend of your wife or children. For some of you, that may sound okay, but it's super risky because they might ruin your friendship with a lie, the reality, or an action. Hold your mates close enough to harm you, but not close enough.

6. The friends who enjoy borrowing your goods

Money is one thing that can break up any partnership quicker than time. Your buddy loans you money and promises you that he / she will pay back the date ... but they won't! These conditions are so bitter and ugly that they could lead to family wars, hostility, or even death. There are also friends who love to borrow clothing, watches, shoes, etc. Hold them at length-of-arms.