DOWNLOAD MOVIE: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Download Movie: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)
Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

Movie Details & Credits Warner Bros. | Release Date: July 16, 2021 | PG

Starring: Anna  Sofie Christensen, Bob  Bergen, Bryan  Scamman, Cassandra  Starr, Cedric  Joe, Ceyair  J Wright, Charles  Barkley, Chiney  Ogwumike, Daria  Johns, Derrick  Gilbert, Don  Cheadle, Eric  Bauza, Erin  Flannery, Flanagan  John, Fred  Tatasciore, Gabriel  Iglesias, Gerald  'Slink' Johnson, Greice  Santo, Harper  Leigh Alexander, Harrison  White, J.  Michael Tatum, Jalyn  Hall, Jared  Sullinger, Jeff  Bergman, Jess  Harnell, Jim  Cummings, Julyah  Rose, Kath  Soucie, Katie  McCabe, Khris  Davis, LeBron  James, Lil  Pump, Martin  Klebba, Nicole  Kornet, O'Shea  Jackson Jr., Peter  Cornell, Rob  Paulsen, Rocio  Vidal, Shawn  Bradley, Skyler  Bible, Sonequa  Martin, Stephen  Kankole, Tacko  Fall, Tress  MacNeille, Whitney  Coleman, Xosha  Roquemore, Zendaya


When LeBron James and his young son Dom are trapped in a digital space by a rogue A.I., LeBron must get them home safe by leading Bugs, Lola Bunny and the whole gang of notoriously undisciplined Looney Tunes to victory over the A.I.’s digitized champions on the court: a powered-up roster of professional basketball stars as you’ve never seen them before.

It’s Tunes versus Goons in the highest-stakes challenge of his life, that will redefine LeBron’s bond with his son and shine a light on the power of being yourself. The ready-for-action Tunes destroy convention, supercharge their unique talents and surprise even “King” James by playing the game their own way.

Download Movie: Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

  • File Size: 506.24MB
  • Released: Jul 16, 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi
  • Stars: LeBron James, Don Cheadle, Cedric Joe
  • Subtitle: English – Download

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Runtime:     115 min
Rating:     Rated PG for some cartoon violence and some language
Official Site:
Production:     Warner Bros.
Genres:     Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Sport, Fantasy, Comedy, Crime, War, Animation, Family
Country:     US
Language:     English

Director | Credit

Malcolm D. Lee     Director
Terence Nance     Director

Writer | Credit

Alfredo Botello     Screenplay
Andrew Dodge     Screenplay
Celeste Ballard     Screenplay By
Chuck Jones     Characters
Herschel Weingrod     Based On "Space Jam" Written By
Jesse Gordon     Screenplay By

Juel Taylor     Story By

Justin Lin     Screenplay
Keenan Coogler     Written By
Leo Benvenuti     Based On "Space Jam" Written By
Ryan Coogler     Written By
Sev Ohanian     Written By
Steve Rudnick     Based On "Space Jam" Written By
Terence Nance     Written By
Tex Avery     Characters
Timothy Harris     Based On "Space Jam" Written By
Tony Rettenmaier     Story By
Willie Ebersol     Screenplay

Principal Cast | Credit

Anna Sofie Christensen     War Boy
Bob Bergen     Porky Pig/Tweety
Bryan Scamman     Agent Smith
Cassandra Starr     NBA Player's Girlfriend
Cedric Joe     Dom James
Ceyair J Wright     Darius James
Charles Barkley     Charles Barkley
Chiney Ogwumike     Chiney Ogwumike
Daria Johns     Design Camp Kid
Derrick Gilbert     Kid
Don Cheadle     Al-G Rhythm
Eric Bauza     Daffy Duck/Tweety/Pepe Le Pew/Marvin The Martian
Erin Flannery     Casablanca Woman
Flanagan John     Security/Taz
Fred Tatasciore     Gossamer
Gabriel Iglesias     Speedy Gonzales
Gerald 'Slink' Johnson     Security Guard
Greice Santo     Girl At Cafe
Harper Leigh Alexander     Xosha James
Harrison White     Security Guard
J. Michael Tatum     Announcer
Jalyn Hall     Young Malik (13 Years)
Jared Sullinger     Charles Barkley
Jeff Bergman     Sylvester/Yosemite Sam
Jess Harnell     Wakko Warner
Jim Cummings     Tazmanian Devil
Julyah Rose     NBA Player's Girlfriend
Kath Soucie     Lola Bunny
Katie McCabe     WB Executive Assistant
Khris Davis     Malik
LeBron James     Self
Lil Pump     Lil Pump
Martin Klebba     Principal Cast
Nicole Kornet     Principal Cast
O'Shea Jackson Jr.     Principal Cast
Peter Cornell     Principal Cast
Rob Paulsen     Yakko Warner
Rocio Vidal     Casablanca Pie Taker Lady
Shawn Bradley     Shawn Bradley
Skyler Bible     MoCap Performer
Sonequa Martin     Savannah James
Stephen Kankole     Young LeBron (13 Years)
Tacko Fall     Shawn Bradley
Tress MacNeille     Penelope Pussycat/Wilma Flintstone/Dot Warner
Whitney Coleman     Trinity/Granny
Xosha Roquemore     Shanice James
Zendaya     Lola Bunny

Cast | Credit

Alex Huerta     Young LeBron
Anna Sofie Christensen     War Boy
Anthony Davis     Anthony Davis/The Brow
Bob Bergen     Porky Pig/Tweety
Bryan Scamman     Agent Smith
Candi Milo     Granny
Cedric Joe     Dom James
Chiney Ogwumike     Chiney Ogwumike
Damian Lillard     Damian Lillard/Chronos
Daria Johns     Design Camp Kid
Derrick Gilbert     Basketball Player
Draymond Green     Draymond Green
Eric Bauza     Daffy Duck/Foghorn Leghorn/Elmer Fudd/Marvin The Martian/Porky The Pig
Erin Flannery     Casablanca Woman
Flanagan John     WB Executive/Taz
Frankie Hopkins     Guy In Cafe
G. Lane Hillman     Warboy
Gabriel Iglesias     Speedy Gonzales
Greice Santo     Girl At Cafe
Harrison White     Security Guard
Hassan Said     Non
J. Michael Tatum     Announcer
Jeff Bergman     Sylvester/Foghorn Leghorn
Jordan Thomas     Young Boy
Jose Stephan Perez     Casablanca Fez Man
Julyah Rose     NBA Player's Girlfriend
Katie McCabe     WB Executive Assistant
Kenneth I. Brown     War Boy
Khris Davis     Malik
Klay Thompson     Klay Thompson/Wet-Fire
Nicole Kornet     White Mamba
Peter Cornell     Cast
Robert Butler     Board Op
Rocio Vidal     Casablanca Pie Taker Lady
Skyler Bible     MoCap Performer
Sue Bird     Sue Bird
Whitney Coleman     Trinity/Granny
Wood Harris     Coach C
Xosha Roquemore     Shanice

Producer | Credit

Allison Abbate     Executive Producer
Duncan Henderson     Producer
Ivan Reitman     Executive Producer
Jamal Henderson     Executive Producer
Jesse Ehrman     Executive Producer
Justin Lin     Producer
Kimberly Nelson LoCascio     Co-Producer
LeBron James     Producer
Maverick Carter     Producer
R.J. Mino     Co-Producer
Ryan Coogler     Producer
Sev Ohanian     Executive Producer
Spencer Beighley     Executive Producer
Terence Nance     Executive Producer
Zinzi Evans     Executive Producer

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