An academician and former commissioner of information and culture and Tourism to Adamawa state government, John Ngamsa, has described the flag-off of National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) as the establishment of a “Zone of conflict, a gorilla terrorist base, another Sambisa and a new frontier for janjaweed like killer operations.”

Gamsa submits that regardless of party affiliations, the NLTP is shrouded with sinister motive and recipe for Carnage and impending doom.

He made the remarks in a statement issued to NR, Wednesday.

Ngamsa said,

“Good to again interact with GENDA on issues that affect people.

“It is sad that NLTP is being piloted in Adamawa state under a government that came -so-to-say to liberate our people. It is tall but deliberate impunity to set to do wrong and assume to be right.

“Yes, I have been part of the protest against steps to assert and impose any settlement that is not indigenous on other people’s land.”

He explained,

“It doesn’t matter who is implementing the policy whether PDP angels, now becoming devils or a combination of both including APC using a PDP state government to perpetrate evil…the present government by this singular act for want of whatever from the federal government is inviting hell.

“I don’t have to mix up very recent politically motivated issues like previous campaign talks against APC in Numan federation to confuse the “assumed” benefits of NLTP.

“To common sense, the present state government in Adamawa state soon is either not sincere or is deliberately conforming to an earlier hidden agenda to collaborate with the federal government and implement a policy that is apartheid-like in nature.

“The graduation of this policy to my understanding is a complete experiment in evil set to add gasoline on the fire.

“Out of basically two issues let me start with the ‘semantic nicety’ and the mischievous security plot enshrined in the spirit of the letter of this policy… First, it was grazing reserves, then cattle colonies.

“It graduated to RUGA and now, National Livestock Transformation Plan.”

Ngamsa contested that,

“These changes in terms are only stepping in the same direction…to establish a zone of conflict where special forces of killer herdsmen will hide, hit and run as they seldom do on or in the interim.

“Secondly, the key issue in the satanic manifestation of this policy is the acclaimed so -to -say generation of lies that it has all to do with the prevention of conflicts.

“This claim is a seeming truth coming from the mouth of a confirmed liar…in defending the document one native professor and a said deputy governor from Numan federation upheld the policy stating that conflict resolution issues are embedded in the document.

“The same advocates of this policy have too soon forgotten the fact that people have been killed in Numan, Demsa and Lamurde…in addition to the ills of these killing fields, nothing is done to rehabilitated the victims.

“Yet in their infamous attempt to be more Catholic than the Pope found ploy to patronise and engage the policy? It is sad. Which is better to start with? Is it not rehabilitation before inaugurating the cattle colony now called NLTP?

“Are they in the contention that this is not Ruga or are they claiming that people are so dull not to understand the use of satanic semantics by government. Haba federal and state government.

“What you have is to establish a zone of conflict, a gorilla terrorist base another sambisa and a new frontier for janjaweed like killer operations.

“It won’t be long, you will see the fallout. Security forces take note…this policy has murdered peace to wait for the outcome.”

By Billy Abel

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