Elephants invade Borno Community, destroy farmlands overnight

"the farm is all that we rely on and it is now destroyed" says a Victim

Rann, the border town and local government of Kala-balge in Borno, has endured another catastrophe on Saturday with the invasion of farmland by an elephant herd

According to local online papers, YERWA EXPRESS-NEWS, Rann has been in these for negative reasons since at least 2018; with the notorious killing of humanitarian worker Hauwa Liman and the Nigerian Air Force's mistaken airstrike on aid workers, as well as cases of floods ravaging the cities, among others.

"The incident happened on Saturday night, we woke up to see all our farms destroyed by the elephants," Mohammed Shoshi, a victim who stays in Rann internally displaced persons camp said.

He explained that this is not the first time elephants are causing havoc in their farms, 'similar incident also occurred last year,' Shoshi said.

He said the elephants come from the Republic of Cameroon.

Jime Abba Nige, who is another victim told the story of the incident, said that nothing was left on his farm for him and his family.

Similarly, Alhaji Mohammed Al-amir said

"the farm is all that we rely on and it is now destroyed.

"We are in desperate need of government support, we know that our governor is passionate about helping his people, we pray our message gets to him."

Rann is the headquarters of Borno state's Kala Balge local government district.

In addition to natural disasters, Rann has suffered several attacks by terrorists from Boko Haram and the Islamic States of the West African Province, like other towns in Borno.

Photo of Destroyed farmlands [Credits Yerwa Express News]
Photo of Destroyed farmlands [Credits Yerwa Express News]
People gathered to chase elephants on Sunday