Few Days To A Month Still In The Den Of Bandits

Have the lives of the masses become so useless to deserve trivialization below political matters?

By Jabir Abubakar Yauri

Jabir Abubakar Yauri

At the instance of kidnapping the students of Federal Government College Birnin Yauri Kebbi State, the nation, State, Society and victims relative were in the same room mourning the ugly incident but today it appears like the kidnapped students are already rescued back to their respective families

This is so because the room of mourning is left by the nation as nobody is talking with strong voice about the kidnapped students of FGC Birnin Yauri

Instead, the attention of the nation has already been shifted away from the children of the poor masses in the hands of those horrendous bandits under the most terribly incongruous condition to most trivial political issues unfolding (Decamping from Party A to B, honorary gatherings Etc).

Famished in the bush, sicked, raped, indoctrinated or even  killed already all these can be said in an attempt to describe the horrible condition of the kidnapped Students yet their issue is no longer in the limelight.

From the authorities whose primary responsibility is to protect lives and properties of it citizens nothing is being heard about the kidnapped students except rescue efforts are ongoing while Dogo Gide the leader of the kidnappers is comfortably sending video and audio messages to the parents of the kidnapped students with a very shocking revelation.

  • The question remains thus, for how long will the kidnapped students be rescued?
  • Is the authority no longer interested in rescuing these children so that their parents and relatives can start negotiation with the kidnappers for the safe return of their children?
  • Have the lives of the masses become so useless to deserve trivialization below political matters?

To say the fact, this incident explained practically the importance of electing responsible leaders at all level of Government and the society must stand to it feet to boldly pressurize the political class on the need to do every thing possible to rescue the children back.

Tepidness is always exhibited when the issue at stake is related to the poor masses but we have seen recently how the release of an Emir abducted was secured hours after his abduction.

Today it is only few days to a month these children above eighty in number are being held by their kidnappers therefore we want nothing other than
their immediate release from the authority concern as soon as possible.