George Weah, president of Liberia, publishes music track about COVID-19

Public health emergency Liberia has announced a state of public health emergency
George Weah, Liberia's President

LIBERIA 'S PRESIDENT George Weah has published a COVID-19 awareness song in an attempt to inspire Liberians to take the requisite steps to defend themselves against the disease.

The famous politician and former AC Milan player hopes his musical activities will help raise awareness of the dangers of the disease among his fellow citizens

According to a government spokesperson, Weah is hoping that his song, Let Us Stand Together and Fight Coronavirus, will not only appeal to music lovers in the West African nation of 4.5 million but will help ensure that it does not spread any further than the three cases already confirmed in the capital Monrovia.

Action which is preventive.

On the road, Weah discusses how the virus is transmitted and calls on Liberians to take the requisite preventive steps to combat the disease announced by health officials and experts.

The president collaborated for the creation of the anti-coronavirus song with both worship artists and local secular singers.

Weah sings: “It could be your mama, it could be your papa, brother and sisters. Let’s stand together to fight this dirty disease now. What kinds of world we live in full of uncertainty, no security everything but everything is possible.”

Presidential Press Secretary Isaac Solo Kelgbeh said: “The President has his own studio that he built to empower Liberian artists. He went to the studio…..and talked to the engineers and partners with several local musicians. He didn’t take a dime from the government’s coffers to do that song.”

Weah is considered to be the first head of state to create a song for educating people about COVID-19's risk and preventive steps.

Public health emergency Liberia has announced a state of public health emergency after a third coronavirus case has been confirmed.

The government has already enforced several steps in two regions within the country, including a ban on public gatherings; closures of worship schools and buildings, and suspension of flights to restrict disease spread.

The new rules also restrict the number of people permitted to attend events such as weddings and funerals, Health Minister Dr Wilhelmina Jallah said.

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