Gina Yashere, a British-Nigerian comedian, is changing the World One Comedy at a time

She moved to America in 2007 after much success in the UK to carry on her comedy career.

British-Nigerian comedian Gina Yashere tells it the way it is. A self-made star, Yashere illuminates the universe and brings one joke at a time to educate the culture.

Born and raised to Nigerian parents in London, Yashere began her journey to study engineering in adulthood.  Yet one day she wanted to make a move while working on elevators. A young lady, naturally funny and charming, Yashere took comedy to stand up and the rest became history.

She moved to America in 2007 after much success in the UK to carry on her comedy career. She sold her first tv special a year later, Skinny B*tch, to Showtime network. She had produced the whole experience herself and learned that she could be successful if she took the matter into her own hands and waited for none.

The hard-working comedian's pace has yet to slow. She has been breaking records ever since, becoming the first and only British comic to perform on the legendary Def Jam Comedy. Sold to Starz's network its second comedy special Laughing to America. Her new, Gina Yashere's The Standups that premiered on Netflix came out in 2018.

Her passion for comedy comes from the pleasure of making people feel happy and watching friends and family entertained. Not only that, but it helps her to touch and fill millions with laughter.

“I love that I’ve seen so many countries and interacted with so many cultures, as humour is universal,” she shared. “I also love that I haven’t had a day job in 25 years.”

Gina, proud of where she comes from, uses the story of her life to reverently tell jokes and provide insight into what it really means to be a British, Nigerian and lesbian comedian. "Don't care what people say," she said, "Don't doubt yourself."

She describes the perfect life for Nigerians in many of her comedy shows, many of which don't turn out to be hers. Though she initially opted for a traditional direction, she decided to follow her heart; which was a decision that her mother took years to understand.

As it continues to pay off, Yashere celebrates her culture on American television network CBS as co-creator, writer, producer, and actor on the new hit show, Bob Hearts Abishola. “We’re bringing authentic African culture onto mainstream TV in America. Making history!”

The series follows Bob (Billy Gardell), a prosperous business owner who, due to the stress of managing his sock company, ends up in the hospital. There he meets the hardworking and caring nurse Abishola (Folake Olowofoyeku). Abishola moved from Nigeria to America for a better life for her and her family and lives in a small apartment in Detroit with two of her relatives. Yet despite the discrepancies, during his hospital stay, Bob falls in love with her and is doing what it takes to win her back.

“This show brings people together. Viewers are finding common ground with people they may not have thought of in that way,” she says.

Yashere plays "Kemi," best friend of Abishola who also works with her at the hospital. The team puts together realistic representation combined with big family laughs. Recently added to her Resume with Bob Hearts Abishola, Yashere is making history and transforming the face of comedy.

Today, her brighter future than a day before, Yashere is looking forward to growth and development, staying true to her roots and her core beliefs.  “I’m working on a book about my life, thinking up more TV show ideas, and will be at a comedy club or theatre near you as soon as this apocalypse is over.”

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