The recent bashing of the toddler administration of Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri on social media is totally uncalled, for the fact that those behind it were once given the opportunity to make a positive impact on the lives of the citizens but failed woefully.

Social media is a platform through which individuals, communities, and organizations share, co-create, discuss, participate and modify user-generated content or pre-made content posted online.

There are a range of positive and negative impacts of social media use, it could make or break a person or a product.

Criticism is actually not a bad thing but when it’s done with the intention of damaging a person’s reputation then its no longer criticism but online bully or attack.

Recently, the social media space in the state was set ablaze by a former Special Adviser to Sen. Muhammad Jibrilla Bindow who took to social media criticizing the 2 months old administration of Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri.

It wouldn’t have drawn any attention but it did anyways due to the fact that the writer who was pained by the reality of his principal loosing a return bid to the Dougirie hilltop house.

The post didn’t get down well with me, being a state civil servant who has not been paid his leave grant for more than 3 years, who has been not been collecting his monthly salary on time nor receive salary increment.

Out of anger, I took up my phone to reply to someone whom most people of the state even forgot held a sensitive position in the last administration.

The next morning, I saw a reply to my then famous rejoinder which didn’t get down well with the who is who in the former administration but this time around, the writer, Martins Dickson came all out for the Director General Media and Communications to the Adamawa State Governor Mr. Solomon Kumangar.

It then became apparent that the target wasn’t actually Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri per say, it was the entire administration and his DG because he was clarifying the rumours set out by mischief makers that the Governor had sacked all state government employees that were employed from 2015.

Going all out for the DG who had nothing to do with the first nor second rejoinder was actually a bad move, let me tell you why it was a bad move.

Solomon Kumangar is arguably the most decorated journalist in the history of the state, not only was he a one time state chairman of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, he was Press Secretary to wives of former Administrators and a Governor and is now a Press Secretary for the 4th time.

Now, for someone who was once a one time Special Adviser on Media to attack one of the most successful journalist of our time, I became curious. I became curious due to the fact that the Chief Press Secretary wasn’t even aware of his post if not for my famous rejoinder, I had to dig the real motive behind the sudden reappearance of the relegated social media soldiers.

I came to understand from a very reliable source that the Ipadians as they were fondly called were sponsored by a former commissioner in the previous administration. They knew that the court case constituted by their party would not yield a positive result so they had to come up with a way to distract the focus of the present administration.

Apart from the former commissioner, friends of the former governor and the governor himself who was eyeing a ministerial position was in total support due to the fact that the present administration is gaining momentum on the fight against insecurity, particularly the yan Shilla cult group and kidnappers who have been terrorizing the good and peaceful citizens of the state.

Since they couldn’t succeed through social media due to their unpopularity, they resorted to taking advantage of the tussle between the Federal Road Safety Corps and Keke Napep operators.

They sponsored some of the tricycle operators to cause havoc by going for a 2 days strike which would have been disastrous for the good people of Adamawa state but unfortunately the plan actually backfired because some of the tricycle operators were not part of the plan protest, they came out for their legitimate business during the said planned strike.

In a video posted by Auwal Hajja, a Special Adviser of the former governor on his Facebook page showed him interviewing a tricycle operator with a poster of the former governor attached to his tricycle ranting that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is behind the policy of the Federal Road Safety Corps to register them for a drivers license.

Tricycle is the only means of public transport within the capital metropolis, but they are also notorious for being used for criminal activities by the infamous Shilla Boys as well as kidnappers, which the FRSC said would be checked by having them properly identified and registered.

The registration is Just N3,350 for both Class A and J for three years, and N5,450 for five year, it was even disclosed by the Adamawa Sector Commander of the FRSC, Muhammed Hussain that the licensing effort would curb crime.

It clearly showed how desperate they were, which was totally a wrong move.

Some of the tricycle operators I interacted with were visibly angry that they were given a false promise by a politician to bring untold hardship on residents.

If you have noticed, there is no official statement nor comment from the government house concerning the issue because the Governor has set a goal for himself and promised not to be distracted.

The issues didn’t deter him from paying July salary before 25th of the month without collecting overdraft as promised, the last time state government workers received their salary before the end of the month apart from a period of festivity was when Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri was acting Governor in 2014.

His administration is just 2 months old but he has paid 3 months salaries, gave autonomy to Local Government Areas, introduced school feeding programme and achieved landmark success on the fight against insecurity in the state, all within less than 60 days in office.

But for people who screwed up the chance to make an impact to come out and criticize the toddler administration which inherited more than 120 billion naira debt shows how desperate some politicians can be.

Using an online newspaper “the finder” by an unknown owner and “TGnews” by Tom Garba (Garbage) the wanna be journalist to attack the present Government has not been yielding the desired result due to the incompetency, insensitive writing and callous investigations by the disgruntled elements.

It is on record that Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is trying to correct the mistakes of the past administration, he is just on a mission to “Get Adamawa Work Again) and has never for once threatened or made a move to attack the past administration nor is he on a witch hunt mission.

He is a politician of note who grew up from a poor family background and has been in the shoes of the ordinary citizen.

He is so simple and down to earth, it also reflects in his personal residence. As a former speaker of the Adamawa State House of Assembly, his house in the heart of the state capital is still looking like the house of a middle class Nigerian.

Constructive criticism of the maladministration of the previous administration is logical and apparent because the previous administration has not much impacted on the lives of the citizens as expected, which led to them being voted and disgraced out of office.

I understand that constructive criticism serves as a feedback on the way forward and that it must be based on a yardstick which is time frame and promises fulfilment.

What kills any government is lack of proper implementation of campaign promises, in view of that, I can authoritatively say Fintiri’s administration is on course towards correcting the mistakes of the previous administration by implementing his campaign promises and following the party’s manifesto and recommendations of the transition committee all together.

By Daniel Tabiyatiya
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