GULAK MONARCHY: Senator Abbo Condemns Imposition of Gulak Village Head On The People

"No Election Was Held, Dahiru Damburam Was Imposed on The People" – Kingmakers
Senator Ishaku Abbo (Left), Ijasini Lucas Ularamu (Middle), Dahiru Damburam (Right)

The senator representing Adamawa Northern Senatorial Zone in the National Assembly, Ishaku Abbo has condemned the recent imposition of a village head against the peoples will in Gulak Community of Madagali Local Government Area in Adamawa State.

At the time that people of Madagali are facing the worst crisis in the history of the land as occasioned by attacks from Boko Haram that killed hundreds of our people, destroyed our farmlands, destroyed public infrastructure with hundreds of our people still kidnapped” Abbo said

The senator also noted that
“our people can no longer go to farms, yet, when the time has come for us to heal our land, when the time has come for us to come together in love and unity to put aside the little things that divide us, things like religion and fault lies like ethnicity, but this is the time that it is growing when it ought to be the time for us to unite and build that land.

Abbo expressed his disappointment with the Governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri for involving himself with “ordinary election of one ward” and stopping democracy from taking place.

“I am disappointed that the Governor refuses to allow the ordinary election of one ward to take place” he said, noting that sixteen kingmakers came down together to have an election where three are against thirteen, and amazingly the three defeated the remaining thirteen kingmakers.

“He is an enemy of democracy. He should stop what he is doing, he should for once stand up and be a governor. That office he is holding is not a small office, he should not bring down that office to low esteem.

“He is desecrating that office, so I condemn in totality the shame that happened in Gulak and the shame that happened in Sukur of Madagali Local Government Area. We are yet to sort out the matter in Sukur, now he came down to Gulak, what does he want?” he asked.

"No Election Was Held, Dahiru Damburam Was Imposed on The People" – Kingmakers

The crisis of traditional leadership continues to erupt in Gulak community in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State, where "Authorities Above" were said to impose their preferred candidate as the village head.

Gulak, apart from scholasticism, the small town is said to have been blessed with farmers and hunters, and family members of both religions living in mutual peace respecting each other's territories through recognizing differences, without any clash.

According to a source, the earlier village head which is popularly known as the Lawan of Gulak died on the 5th of April, 2020 and left the palace vacant which opens the way for fresh election for a new village head.

Narrating the Situation of Event

"Four of the people from the family indicated interest to contest. Out of these four, close to the time of election which held on the 22nd of this month, two declined, to leave two", Ijasini Lucas Ularamu and Dahiru Damburam.

Dahiru Damburam is a very close person to the Governor of Adamawa. He is like a chief of staff in Adamawa State, very close to the Governor.” He explained.

The Gazette Nigeria gathered that Gulak Community has sixteen kingmakers who are known as “Bulama”, (meaning a representative of a council area or locality) to decide the fate of the new village head through the traditional ballot.

On the fateful day of the election

Confirming the story, the Bulamas' in a telephone conversation said they were in the hall on 22 June 2020 waiting for the election to commence, where all security agencies were available and other authorities as courtesy demands when the delegates from the Emirate council came and announced that there is no election, and due to security reasons which were not detailed out to the Kindgmakers, that one name was given to them to come and announce as the new village head with directives from above.

Reasons for the disqualification of the other rightfully nominated candidate to contest for the seat was not unveiled until the time of this report.

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