Guys! Ladies Finds Dirty Nails Disgusting

No matter how expensive your cologne is, if you have too much of it on, it smells cheap.
Nigerian Ladies hate dirty nails

Money isn't everything you need to impress a lady- your appearance sometimes matters more

  • Dirty Unkempt Fingernails: Nothing other than dirty fingers indicates a lack of concern and commitment to personal hygiene. The second most seen part of your body after your face is your hand. As lades do, you don't have to go for expensive pedicures, just cut them neatly, scrape the dirt underneath them and you're fine.
  • Skin: Once a girl opened up to me about a guy she had met through a friend on the phone. She said she had seen him from the first 60 seconds- she knew there was no way. Why? For what? Skin of his. You should have seen the way on his neck she portrayed eczema. It's a symbol of his health, I wondered why she- she told me. In her words “If he can let his body get like that, just imagine the STDs he can let grow in his body (Choi) abi how am I supposed to lick that neck when we are making love!”Yes, ladies think like that too:

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