GUYUK CRISIS: Remove Deputy Governor, Crowther Seth, Arrest Alh Halilu, SY -Lunguda Community

... betrayer, mischief maker, enemy of Lunguda land and defender of our enemy.
Deputy Governor, Chief Crowther Seth (L) and Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri (R)

The Lunguda citizens of Guyuk local government area, Adamawa state's southern senatorial district on Monday, demanded the immediate removal of the state's deputy governor, Mr Crowther Seth over the alleged association and covert relationship with the accused criminal and mastermind of recent attacks on the Dumna-Boshikiri axis, Alh Halilu popularly known as Lafiya Lamurde's Sarki Yaki (SY).

The Lunguda community's collective call came during a visit by the governor and his deputy to restore peace in the region.

The Governor was received by protesting against Crowther, a crowd bearing inscription placards:

'Arrest Halilu (SY), he is the cause of the problem'

"Deputy Governor harbouring Halilu SY,"

"we support Governor Fintiri but Deputy Governor is complicating issues,"

"Deputy Governor harbouring War Monger Halilu (SY)".'

"Deputy Governor harbouring War Monger Halilu (SY)"

Eyewitnesses reported that the internally displaced persons booted the Deputy Governor at the IDP camp in Guyuk, addressing him as "betrayer, mischief-maker, an enemy of the Lunguda land and defender of our enemy."

Eyewitnesses claimed that Crowther Seth “shed tears like an infant who lost a mother. He finally covered his face in shame even as the governor was addressing the protestants at the IDP camp.

Stakeholders from the Lunguda revealed to the governor that what was happening in the area was not a communal clash between Lunguda and Waja, as it was presented with disgust. It was an attack that had been well scripted and executed.

The stakeholders complained that the suspected nocturnal gunmen who attacked at night were razing villages in the wake of the attacks.

Sources stated that the Lunguda community demanded compensation, the expulsion of Seth, who some considered the deputy governor to be the crown of crises, the release of the innocent Lunguda boys in police custody and the immediate arrest of the suspected mastermind behind the crises, should the Adamawa government want the Lunguda community to forgive, forget and accept the proposed peace agreement.

The same deputy governor was reported to have been behind the arrest of only the Hausa Muslim by the police in Tingno's ethnoreligious crisis a few weeks ago, where the tribal militia targeted the Hausa group gruesomely.

Many who sympathize with the deputy governor alleged in a swift reaction that the protest was but a funded, politically motivated and technologically calculated attempt to eliminate the Seth and replace him with a preferred politician from the district.

When responding, the governor said he would set up an enquiry panel to find out the immediate and remote causes of the crises, ensuring law will take its course.

However, political observers expressed that the Lunguda lost faith that good governance would exist due to the constant impetus of political crises in their culture, among other sections of the state 's southern senatorial district.

“Many Lunguda folks have since Sunday, took to the Facebook street to declare their zero support for the continuity, come 2023.

“A number of people have destroyed their ATM cards, signifying withdrawal of their supports, arguing that the ATM governor has been given dispense error to the Lunguda while trying to cash out justice,” the political commentators would observe.

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