HELP! My Wife Has Turned My Children Against Me - Paul

I am writing this sitting inside my car in the compound because I can’t even go inside the house
My Wife Has Turned My Children Against Me

Good evening ladies and gents...

My name is Paul, I am married to my beautiful wife Vivian by name for the past 16 years. We have 5 wonderful children together Jemima 15, Isaac 12, Elizabeth 9, Samuel 6 and Tabitha 3. We are based in Liberia. We both are working and earning well by God grace. I have a few issues with my wife that brought me here to get some advice.

Anytime my wife and I had some misunderstanding, she does involve the children. The oldest 3 she tells them everything including how I cheated on her, she also feeds them with lies that I am a bad man and I want to kill her. She tells them so many things to make them hate me. They will disrespect and keeping malice with me to the extent of if I send them for errands, she will stop them and tell them not to go. No matter how much I shouted at them to go, they will not obey me because their mother has the final say. For example, my wife and I are having some misunderstandings for over 3 weeks now, we are not talking or sleeping in the same room. I have tried to makes things work for us but she refused.

The children are also keeping malice with me. I sent Elizabeth to go and get some water for me, she obeyed and went to the kitchen, a few moments later she came back empty-handed staring at me in shock. I asked her what about the water she said her mother said I should go to the kitchen to get the water myself. At that moment I just couldn’t take it anymore I exploded in anger I went to the kitchen we had a heated arguments she pours water on me I really wanted to hit her so hard but I control my anger and walked away.

I left the house for 3 days to cool down. because I was so angry with her I just wanted to be alone. I then went home after 3 days, my 3 oldest children acted like they hadn’t seen me they were busy with their phone/ tablets and it was only my 2 youngest that were missing me they both hugged me like never before me. My youngest daughter refuses to leave my room she even slept in my room. I could see how much she misses me. My wife on her side acted like nothing to her normal behaviour as usual. For the sake of my 2 youngest children I sat her down and talked with her. How we should make things better for the sake of our children especially the younger ones.

I have apologized to her on my knees all to no avail. I am tired of my wife turning my children against me they have become out of control ... I can’t correct them it pains me a lot to see my own children disrespecting me. I don’t want them to grow up and hate me all their life I want to have my family back. A happy home how we used to be before but my wife doesn’t want to cooperate with me I thought this lock-down will bring us together so we could sort out our differences and fix our marriage to become better but all to no avail.

I am writing this sitting inside my car in the compound because I can’t even go inside the house because I have nobody to talk to my 2 youngest children that keep me busy are asleep. I am so lonely all alone, please how can I put an end to all this I am fed up ...

Anyone who has ever experienced something like this can you please advice me on how did you overcome this. I hope I was brief enough...

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