Housewife Returned N14m Wrongly Paid into Her Account

She had to call her husband immediately after she saw the N13,946,400.

A woman in Enugu state, Josephine Nchetaka Chukujama Eze, has shown the true meaning of honesty as she returned almost N14 million that was mistakenly paid into her account.

The woman’s husband, a journalist, and lawyer, Chukujama Eze, disclosed this to newsmen as he praised his wife for the morality she showed.

According to a letter he addressed to the media, he said that he decided to celebrate her not because it is her birthday, but because she did a thing that made him very proud of her.

He explained that the event happened on Monday, August 3, when Josephine was in a salon and her phone rang with alerts. The mother of three did not check her phone until later. She had to call her husband immediately after she saw the N13,946,400.

After some search, they realized Sankiya Global Investment Ltd is a private company based in Lagos Island as they authorized Josephine’s bank to refund the company. Eze said that when some people heard about it, they condemned them for being naïve and not ‘smart’ enough. He said that bank officials were really appreciative of his wife’s act of goodness.

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