How police discovered gun factory in Jos

Ammunition Arrested

A local AK-47 fabrication factory has been uncovered by the police in Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State.

Two suspects believed to be behind the factory were paraded.

Seventy-nine others, suspected to be kidnappers, bandits, armed robbers,   gun runners, and producers of fake number plates were also paraded by the police.

The names of the weapon fabricators were given as Joe Michael and Iliya Bulus. 

Police Force spokesman Frank Mba told reporters that the suspects paraded were arrested by operatives of the  Intelligence Response Team (IRT) and Special Tactical Squad (STS)  in various places across the country.

Mba, a commissioner of Police, expressed concern that the locally-fabricated AK-47 was fast becoming the weapon of choice for criminals.  He said the development portends a great danger to the security of the nation.

Mba described the Jos- fabricated Ak-47  as a masterpiece that would require extra knowledge of an expert to differentiate it from the ones made in Europe.

He said during the raid on the factory, 20 pieces of the gun were recovered by the operatives, who for a long time, were on the trail of the suspects.

The spokesman said: 
“If you look at these weapons locally-fabricated by the suspects, there is no difference from others imported. Unless you are trained, you will not be able to spot the difference. They use the same magazines.

“We will follow up to track down those behind this, we will continue to deepen our intelligence, and continue to work with other sister security agencies to check the proliferation of illegal arms in the country”.

One of the fabricators,  Michael, attended the Government Science technical college in Jos popularly called BUTEX. 

He told reporters that he had so far fabricated about 180 units in the last three years which he sold at N80, 000 each.

The suspect also claimed that he acquired the skill from his late boss, whose name he gave simply as James.

AK-47 model weapons are also cheap in many places around the world. says AK-47s are usually much cheaper in many African countries because the demand is so high that markets are usually flooded.

The AK-47 can fire 600 rounds per minute in a fully automatic setting. The weapon uses a 7.62mm, high-velocity round that can “destroy whole areas of a body,” according to New York City trauma surgeons.

The AK-47 works well in every environment and will still work even if it falls into water, mud, sand, or some other muck.