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How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Blog

If you're feeling courageous, put a comment below expressing your concerns about your theme, and we'll see if anyone (including myself) can provide you some advice.
How to Enhance the Beauty of Your Blog (Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels)

Even the best material suffers when the blog on which it appears is so unappealing that readers abandon it before giving it a chance.

The good news is that by utilizing plugins, tools, and a few simple tricks of the trade, we can make our blogs more appealing, effective, and engaging.

It's incredible what a few minor tweaks can do for the performance of your site and the enjoyment of your readers.

Oh, and if you're feeling extra bold, read all the way to the end!

How to improve the aesthetics of your blog

If you have a WordPress blog, you'll see that this list is a little more targeted to you.

However, I've attempted to include some more general advice that applies to any blog, regardless of where it's hosted.

Check out my “how to create a blog” guide before we get started.

1. Use a font with a purposeful typographic style.

I'm always surprised by how many bloggers use obnoxious fonts that are difficult to read. After all, the objective of a blog is its content, therefore we should make sure it looks excellent at the very least.

While I alternate between liking and disliking the font on Blog Tyrant, I do try to listen to reader input and keep track of trends in text size and design to ensure that it is something that readers appreciate and find easy to read.

Typography is more than just the font; it also encompasses how you match it to other colours and styles on your site, as well as how all of these elements relate to your overall brand.

My pals at Reliable PSD put up an incredible collection of Google Font pairings that show you how different fonts may be combined to create a unique look and feel.

I strongly advise you to skim through them and determine if your font needs to be changed to make your text more readable and memorable. This is a very basic aspect of a nice blog that is frequently overlooked.

2. Find or create a set of photographs and photos that are consistent.

If you've been reading Blog Tyrant for a while, you'll notice that we've been introducing a new character who finds himself in a variety of scenarios.

While the shift in style wasn't entirely planned, the idea was to get away from the "couch shot" that used to be on the homepage — it worked well as a branding tool but was tough to fit into the graphics of each week's article.

Using the improper style or type of image on your blog can have negative implications for viewership and, in some situations, even lead to legal concerns if you upload a photo that you aren't allowed to use.

As we mentioned several times in our guide on obtaining images for your blog, the ideal thing to do is make your own images or take your own photos because unique material is valued by both Google and readers in terms of SEO and engagement.

It's crucial that all of your photographs and photos have the same look and feel — it's not just about having high-quality ones. The idea is that it not only improves the quality of your writing but also makes it easier for consumers to recognize your brand as soon as they see it.

Hold a contest on a website like 99Designs to see if you can locate a visual artist or graphic designer who can assist you come up with something you'll use again and again.

If you like to do things yourself, learn a little Photoshop or at the very least download an app like Word Swag that allows you to do fascinating things with text and images.

3. Hire a designer to tie everything together.

You can employ a designer to help you establish a look and brand that ties all of your aims together if you want to take the second point a step further.

Pat Flynn wrote up one of my favourite stories about this process when he rebuilt his already-popular site – always a nerve-wracking experience because you don't want to ruin anything.

This post is fantastic since it demonstrates how much time and thought he and his designer spent into determining what would work. It was evident that he didn't just want a lovely design; he wanted something that looked good and also worked well as a marketing tool, which is why the heat map image above was created.

This would not have been an inexpensive procedure. However, the additional revenue your blog could generate as a result of a more successful design could quickly pay for itself. As always, consult your accountant (or spouse!) and devise a strategy.

4. Add interactive information by embedding it.

Another easy method to improve the look and functionality of your blog is to identify ways to embed material into your posts rather than taking screen photos or utilizing some other low-quality alternative.

Twitter, for example, allows you to embed Tweets so that they appear in your article while still functioning as they would on Twitter in terms of receiving likes, retweets, and other interactions.

This is an excellent idea because it makes your blog more interactive and entertaining, and the original site is usually optimized for all devices.

This type of feature may be found on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and a variety of other websites, and you can usually modify the size and a lot of the settings that your blog utilizes. You can also use Code Embed, a WordPress plugin that allows you to embed various bits of code in your posts.

5. Get rid of as much as you can.

We talk about it a lot, but a lot of bloggers fill up their sidebars, footers, and headers with crap that doesn't belong and only serves to distract from the main event — the content.

For instance, we discuss how too much clutter might deter users from taking action in this piece on creating a user-friendly site and this one on not using adverts on your blog. There's a danger in having too many options.

It all boils down to your blogging approach and your blog's objectives. There's no reason to have more than a couple of items in your sidebar and footer. That is, you should only have one call to action on your blog.

I've attempted to keep things simple on Blog Tyrant by only having one call to action at the bottom of each post and on the homepage. While it isn't the most attractive design in the world, it appears to perform well, in part because it is a single offer with a straightforward process that reduces load time.

6. Examine your theme objectively.

While this may seem self-evident to some, choosing the correct theme for your blog is crucial.

In fact, if you look at the bulk of new blogs on the market, you'll realize that their layouts are pretty outdated. This is a genuine pity since it gets you off on the wrong foot right away.

So, how can you know if your chosen theme isn't the best option? So, in order to better comprehend, I did something extremely foolish and searched up the 2011 Blog Tyrant theme...

We may see something that we see on a lot of blogs: vacant space that isn't there on purpose. The image, for example, is not as large as the content, the sidebar has no purpose, and there are numerous borders surrounding things that have no purpose.

You'll also notice the tiny font (at least 16px) and font pairing that doesn't really fit or have anything to do with the branding at the time. It's all a little depressing.

You should also check out Google's mobile-friendly test and other sites that allow you to examine how your blog looks on mobile devices. There's only so much you can do on your own at times, which brings us perfectly to the end of this piece.

So, what are our options?

Rather than going over all of the things that may go wrong with a blog's theme or template, I figured it would be more useful to open up the blog comments to a good old community criticism session!

If you're feeling courageous, put a comment below expressing your concerns about your theme, and we'll see if anyone (including myself) can provide you some advice. We've done this previously, and it's always resulted in some fruitful discussions.

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