How to tackle Nigeria’s security challenges, by Ganduje

Security is presently a major challenge in the country.
Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje

The Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has proposed a solution to the security problems of Nigeria, proposing the use of Information Communications Technology ( ICT) as the best way to resolve the increasing danger.

He also proposed other avenues, such as community policing and the creation of a joint security task force involving the police, the military, and other paramilitary organizations.

During his paper presentation on “Promoting National Security and Economic Development: The Kano State Experience,” hosted by the National Institute for Security Studies (NISS) Executive Intelligence Management Course Dialogue (EIMC), in Bwari, Abuja, the governor spoke.

He argued that

“The modern concept of National Security is predicated on the primary function of government to defend the citizens, the institutions and the economic development of the state.”

He clarified that government activities are the driving force for achieving peace and stability in a country, adding that national security is associated with economic development; in an environment of instability and terrorism, no society can grow.

He said:
“Security is presently a major challenge in the country. So, I am here to bring to your attention the Kano state experience in securing our environment when more people are getting into crimes in ruthless, desperate, and sophisticated ways.

“In an effort to tame kidnapping and other crimes, the Kano state government has adopted the ICT approach; we have the best tracking gadgets in the country.

“Community policing is one of the major steps we give priority for the security of the state. We established the Command and Control Centre to have all access to criminals with the sole aim of taming them for the security and development of our state and the country,” the governor said.

Another way of tackling insecurity, Ganduje disclosed, is the
“establishment of a joint security task force that includes Police, Department of State Security, Army, Air Force, National Security, and Civil Defense Corps.”

While acknowledging that unemployment constitutes a significant percentage in increasing the rate of crimes, he disclosed,
“Looking at that, made us think that we (Kano State) must come up with a modern skills acquisition centre. Which we did and named Aliko Dangote Skills Acquisition Centre, with over 20 different kinds of trades.”

Governor Ganduje stated that all the feats in the security sector became possible because of the political will from his part,
“with the development of institutions with committed people and modern equipment.”

He listed rape as part of the major crimes that must be tackled.
“On rape, we have life imprisonment for rapists. We are also considering castration for rapists. We just have to deal with this dehumanising issue head-on.”