I acquired two houses, enrolled in law school after ditching Shatta Wale - Michy reveals

I doubt you’re done breastfeeding your baby, focus on tha.
Shatta Wale and Michy performing together

Shatta Wale's baby mama, Michelle Diamond, disclosed that after breaking up with the singer, she single-handedly acquired two new houses and enrolled in a law school.

Shatta Wame and Michelle, popularly known as Michy, started life from scratch together and had a beautiful son, but their enviable love life was struck by life uncertainties.

Michy called it quits over some adultery allegations and moved on quickly, despite giving Shatta Wale every help and facing hardships together.

And Michy says she has accomplished a lot since breaking up with one of Ghana's richest artists, including purchasing two homes in two years and enrolling in law school to become a lawyer.

While reacting to radio host AJ Poundz, who called Michy out, she revealed this, calling her "unserious" for ditching Shatta Wale.

She said that advisers such as AJ Poundz are the reason why women are trapped in unfulfilling relationships, adding that "the fact that I created something with someone does not mean that they owe me|.

“Dear @ajpoundz_gh ,pls don’t project your fears on me. My only advisor was God(intuition) & you’re not wiser than Him sis. It’s cuz of advisors like you that women are stuck in unfulfilling relationships. The fact that I built something with someone doesn’t mean he owes me, let’s not feel entitled. If I could for someone, I can equally do same & more for myself with the help of God,” she said on Instagram today.

She then dropped her achievements after ditching Shatta Wale:
“For a girl that left all her belongings behind to acquiring 2 houses in less than 2 years of being single, enrolled myself in law school amongst other blessings, me sef I shock give God(In His time He makes all things beautiful) & I’m really enjoying His endless wonders . I doubt you’re done breastfeeding your baby, focus on tha.”