I guess many would condemn me for playing around with the husband of my sister but hear me out first.

A little background.

My sister has been married to her husband a little over five years now and they have been desperately looking for children to call their own.

While I just graduated from campus, Single and also searching for a job at present I live with my sister and her husband in Lagos.

My sister in the quest of fulfilling the word of a prophet after fasting for 21 days was told to abstain from sex for three months.

Initially, when my sister started this her fasting I told her to consider the husband and make sure she does not deny him of his conjugal rights I adviced her to slow down on this her desperation but she never listened to me,

Her husband from the first day kicked against my sister’s insistence on proceeding on long dry fasting. he complained bitterly to me and even called my father to inform him of my sister denying him of his sexual pleasure all in the name of obeying a prophet because she is looking for the fruit of the womb.

Immediately after the 21 days fasting my sister informed the husband of the notice given to her by her pastor to abstain for sexual intercourse for the next three months.

Her husband kicked against this but finally allowed her to have her way.

Two months ago my sister moved into the church to intensify her prayers and as usual, her desperation made her ignore pleas from family and friends to see reason with her husband for she to take her prayers easy, these all fell on deaf ears.

Well, my sister moved out to stay in the church and her husband practically moved in to stay with me.

Seriously I never bargained for this in the first place as my sister’s husband who has been the most caring husband I have ever come across in my entire life made the first shot at me.

One night after we both came back from the Cinema my sister’s husband invited me over for a drink in his bedroom he said he had a lot to discuss with me.I felt so moved by the emotions attached to his voice and decided to hear him out.

We both sat on the bed when he brought out a bottle of cognac and we began drinking. We talked and talked all through the night while we emptied the bottle of cognac.

I never knew what came over me that day both I fell in his hands and we both made passionate love together. I feel so ashamed and bad realising my mistake but could not help it. My sister acts like one who was under the influence of bad doctrine and I, in turn, fell in love with her husband.

Now am pregnant and my sister’s husband has been begging me to stay and get married to him. At this stage, I am yet to inform my sister on the recent development as she only came back to the house last night.

I am not sure how to handle this situation, my sister’s husband is a nice and caring guy and sincerely loves me and tired of the wife’s newfound religion.

But on the other hand, I do not want to be seen betraying my sister by marrying her husband or keeping the baby.

Please, what should I do?




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