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If given the chance, I'll mobilize 30 million youths for the APC in 2023 - Agbomhere

According to Agbomhere, he is contesting the national youth leadership because he want to mobilize the APC youths.
Hon. Blessing Agbomhere

Honorable Blessing Agbomhere, a strong contender for the position of National Youth Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has pledged to organize 30 million youths for the ruling party in the 2023 general elections if elected at the upcoming national convention.

He also expressed hope that the APC will avoid making the same error as the PDP by picking an inexperienced national youth leader.

Hon. Agbomhere, who ran for Edo state governorship and the House of Representatives on the APC ticket, told reporters during his official announcement Thursday in Abuja that his ambition to seek the position of APC national youth leader is for the welfare of Nigeria.

According to Agbomhere, the ruling APC required a seasoned party member who understood the mood and desires of the country's youth.

"Today, Nigeria is where it is because the young minds and intellectual minds are not involved in the governance of our Nation, Policies and Programs are made and added wars as a muse. Now, we don't want that anymore. We want to now be involved in making policies and  programs that will dictate or determine the governance of this nation" he said.

"The truth of the matter is that the youths of this country have the young, the largest voting constituency in Nigeria, whoever the youths of Nigeria decide to vote for that is the person that will win the presidency come in 2023. And now we know the desires. We know the journeys. We know the aspirations of the Nigerian young people," the youth leadership aspirant stated, admitting youths' voting power.

He emphasized that the party required someone of his caliber to canvass and engage the party's leadership on the need and welfare of the youth in whatever arena.

"I will tell anybody, that the biggest mistake any political party has made in Nigeria is the choice of the youth leader of the PDP. The youth leader of the PDP does not have any vision for the party. It doesn't care about the standing and workings of youth leadership in this country. The Nigeria young people need someone who is versed in the alchemy of intellectualism, who can, who can stand and speak for the young people and not speak for the young people can engage the system.

"To engage young people in the governance of this country. You do think the PDP leader has what it takes to face any PDP leader to tell them what they should do. If that boy goes to the NEC, he will not be able to maintain a position or canvas a position for the young person of this country. So for me, I have strict credibility among those that have been in the struggle for youth, they must be patient in Nigeria. So somebody like me is what is needed to convert the position of the Nigerian young people,"
Agbomhere averred.

Speaking on the sensitive topic of zoning, the veteran APC leader stated that, while zoning is not a constitutional issue, it is expected that all jobs currently occupied by northerners will be allocated to the south and vice versa.

"Zoning is a moral thing is not constitutional. And as we speak, the Office of the National Leadership of the APC has been in the north. And now the party has agreed and most positions have been the north will now go to the south why the south positions will now go to the north. As we speak today, you've not seen anybody from the south vying for the chairmanship of our party because they have that moral understanding or they have done more understanding. Likewise, the National Youth leadership of our party is now going to the South.

"Like I said zoning is a moral thing, the party can choose to make silent. Anybody has the right to aspire for any office. Zoning is just a way of reducing the stress and cumbersome nature of the political process. Whether the party announces its zoning programs today or they announce a day to the convention for me it is not an issue. Whatever time they decide to announce their zoning we are ready to abide by the party's decision. The truth of the matter is that positions that were in the north are now going to the south and that is where my aspiration is birthed on.  I am the most qualified,  the most committed, and the most faithful member and youth that can lead the party to victory in 2023.

"Positions are not just zoned, to villages, communities, zones, positions and zoned having individuals in mind, and with the capacity of such individuals. Among all the candidates aspiring for the national leadership of our party, I am the most prepared, the most involved, I am the most qualified person because I have an understanding of the party. I know the yearnings and aspirations of young people. And I know they need at this critical time of a young person to be involved in the party processes, and also to be involved with the governance of our nation," he stated.

The 42-year-old Agbomhere, speaking about his party's objectives and agenda, said he was running to restore stability and unity to the party's young wing.

"My aspiration is born out of the need to mobilize galvanize and lead the youth wing of the All Progressive Congress, having served in various capacities in the party. And having envision, how the youths of the APC should be and how Nigerian youths should be involved in governance at this critical point of our nationhood.

"Without missing words, I am contesting the national youth leadership because I want to mobilize the APC youths. I want to unit them and galvanize them so that we can all together play our role as young people in building a new Nigeria. The Nigeria of our Dream can not be possible without the young minds uniting themselves to provide innovative solutions to the myriad challenges in our country.

"Today, we all agree that APC is a winning party. And we also agree that APC has done a lot to advance the cause of Nigerians to make life better for Nigerians. We also agree that what we are seeing today is not endo rondo. And as a result, we, the young people, this country, have to come out, stamp our feet to the ground, to build the nation that we want. And we cannot build a nation that we want by staying aloof. So we need to get involved in the politics of this country. So my vision and my mission are the same. And they are simple, simple in the sense that I want to unite the youths of the APC, mobilize them, coordinate them, lead them for the attainment of the objectives of the APC, and in an effort for us to get involved in the governance of our nation. Thereby we will realize the nation and Nigeria."

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