Imasuen’s Son of Mercy to hit cinema June

Imasuen who spoke in Akure, Ondo State capital said the movie was conceived four years ago but many scriptwriters had to review it for it to be approved.

A new movie, ‘Son of Mercy’, being produced and directed by Amen Imasuen in collaboration with St Moscomee Limited will hit the cinemas in June this year.

Amen, younger brother to ace movie producer, Lancelot Imasuen, said that the Son of Mercy will change the face of cinema experience in Nigeria as it is a blockbuster movie that tells a unique story about the youths and the country.

He urged Nigerians to accept Nollywood as it is because it is only a reflection of situations in the country.

Imasuen who spoke in Akure, Ondo State capital said the movie was conceived four years ago but many scriptwriters had to review it for it to be approved.

His words, “Sons of Mercy is a cinema movie because cinema is the new trend. That is why it is capital intensive. It is not like the normal home video. This is to be shown on the big screen so we are putting all the experience we have gathered over the years.

“My executive producer, Mosco Imobhlo, is putting her sweat as regards financing the project. This is a multi-million Naija project. This is a blockbuster movie. This movie will change the face of the cinema experience. We intend to shoot for one month. Son of Mercy is a unique story. It is action-packed, romance, comedy. The storyline is verbose. It treats various issues in society. There is everything for everybody. Our target audience is the youth.”
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“As long as we are humans, there must be some criticism. I do something to impact and not to impress. Only few filmmakers can do what we are doing now. Mine is to make an impact because people will definitely criticise. That is sure. Once I satisfy my conscience, I don’t care. I am not thinking about what people will say.

“Before it was approved, we know it was a movie that will hold people spellbound. There is no problem with that. There is no area in our National life that is perfect. People keep bashing us. Nollywood is a product of the country.”

Mosco said she decided to finance the movie as part of her charity work to help the youths harness their potentials.

She said she was not bothered about profit but to learn a new experience of impacting young people lives.

“This project is in affiliation with my company and my charity. We are trying to impact young people’s lives. New people are going to be part of it. We hope from there, there are going to be useful to society. This is my way of helping people because I love to do charity.

“I believe everyone is unique. I believe in hard work. I don’t believe in giving but everyone brings out what they got. I am a positive person. When I read the script, I believe in it. I know it was going to go somewhere. There is a first time for everything. The experience is going to make me a better person. This is not just a one-time thing. It is going to be a long time thing. I am not really bothered about the gains. I want to make people around me grow.”

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