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In the face of a worsening crisis, Adamawa APC members have vowed to fight imposition

"We will never allow some few opportunists who have no stake in the victory of the party to hoist their selfish interests on us"
Dan Arewa Uba Mohammed

Dan Arewa Uba Mohammed, a senior member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Adamawa State, has stated that the party's stakeholders have committed to opposing any attempt to remove elected officials via coercion or by doctoring the names of lawfully elected officials.

Dan Arewa clarified his remarks during an appearance on NAS FM's Hausa political show "inda ba kasa," which was broadcast on this media.

He accused a few unwieldy power mongers of attempting to despoil the party on the altar of their vaunted political ambition to rule the state by hook or crook, adding that all of the party's stakeholders have unanimously stamped their feet, declaring that such things will never happen while they are around.

“We are the real patriots of this party who have remained faithful to it from the beginning of the party till this moment.

“We will never allow some few opportunists who have no stake in the victory of the party to hoist their selfish interests on us.

“These people who came into the party and who by their closeness to the powers that be amassed tremendous wealth think they can intimidate us into accepting their whimsical proclivities, hook, line and sinker. We say no to them,”
he said.

He added that the attempt to depose the party's elected chairman in Mayo Belwa local government, Alhaji  Babangida Talase, will not see the light of day because allowing the farce to sail is like putting a nail in the party's coffin.

“Some power mongers have sold a dummy to our revered leader and former Governor Murtala Nyako urging him to support the removal of elected party chairman of Mayo Belwa local government, Alhaji Babangida Talase for their selfish interests.

“I learnt from the grapevine that they told Nyako if he supports, they'll conceive move to remove an elected chairman of his local government, Alhaji Babangida Talase, they will quash his EFCC case and give his son Abdulaziz Nyako an automatic senatorial ticket.

“It is surprising that this arrant nonsense is coming from politicians of no repute who come into the party and get the opportunities of amassing huge wealth including having investments in Nigeria and abroad at the detriment of the hard-working party faithful. We will tell them that there are good and conscientious men with the gusto to challenge impunity regardless of who is behind it.

“These forces of darkness have never meant well for our father since they came into his government, that is why Nyako who succeeded in the Nigerian Army could not successfully finish his two terms as a civilian governor,” he said.

Mai Mala-Buni, a real democrat, held an all-inclusive stakeholder meeting with APC chieftains from Adamawa, including SGF Boss Mustapha, Gen Buba Marwa, and a host of others, out of worry for the party's destiny and future in Adamawa State, according to DanArewa.

During the meeting, he claimed, Comrade Mustapha Salihu was named as the brains behind altering the names of lawfully elected officials, and he was informed in no uncertain terms that such disregard for law and order will consume him.

“Because of their closeness to Mai Mala- Buni, the architects of this despicable act were dropping the name of the national caretaker chairman. But during the meeting, Buni absolved himself from any blame. He said as a true democrat he will never touch that travesty with a ten-mile pole.

“There and then, Buni urged Professor Mamman Tahir to ensure the peaceful reconciliation and to ensure the right thing is done. Mustapha was then tongue-lashed for his primitive and uncourteous behaviour,”
Dan Arewa stated.

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