Indigenous Ethnic Groups Cautions Tabital Pulaaku International Over Attacks and Threat on Senator Binos

We consider the contents of this press release as an attack and threat on the Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe and by extension the rest of our kind and indeed anyone who is representing his people excellently well as our Distinguished Senator Yaroe has been doing since 2019.
Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe, Adamawa South


Our attention has been drawn to a press release titled: "Official reaction of Tabital Pulaaku International (TBI) to the unfortunate and reckless public statements by Mr Binos Dauda Yaroe Distinguished Senator Representing Adamawa South Senatorial District" dated February 24th 2021 and signed by Dr Murtala Aliyu as Chairman, TPI and Dr Ahmad Shehu as Secretary-General TPI.

We consider the contents of this press release as an attack and threat on the Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe and by extension the rest of our kind and indeed anyone who is representing his people excellently well as our Distinguished Senator Yaroe has been doing since 2019.

We want to place on record that contrary to the allegation by the TPI that Senator Yaroe has not "been focusing his attention on development issues and projects that benefit his people, including Fulbe whom he represents", Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe has and continues to impact positively on the lives of the people of Adamawa South Senatorial District and beyond.

He has so far carried out four (4) free medical outreaches to Demsa, Ganye, Guyuk and Mayo Belwa Local Government Areas. The people who attended these clinics came from beyond the Southern Senatorial District including Gombe and Taraba States. Some even came from the Republic of Cameroon! It must be pointed out that the Fulbe were there in significant numbers especially the most recent one in Mayo Belwa.

Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe has sunk many motorised boreholes throughout the Senatorial District and brought clean water to his constituents. He distributed his own COVID-19 palliatives to his district without discrimination. He has reached out to youth and women through empowerment schemes. He continues to hold Town Hall Meetings and maintains excellent relations with our Traditional Rulers as well as religious Leaders across the board.

Our Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe is a leader and representative in whom we are well pleased. We will not let any persons or organisations rubbish his person and threaten him.

Thus, we find it absolutely necessary to respond to this wicked and underserved attack from Tabital Pulaaku International, which it said it is doing on behalf of the Fulbe. We want, in relation to this to make the following points:-

  1. In the contribution of our Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe on the floor of the Senate on the security situation in the Country with which TPI is angry, he prefaced his remarks by referring to the statement credited to His Eminence the Sultan of Sokoto that 7 out of every 10 kidnappers are Fulani. The authors of the TPI press release mischievously ignored that fact. The Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe simply availed the Senate and Nigerians of the experiences of a small part of his Senatorial District. The Adamawa South Senatorial has suffered many attacks from TPI kith and kin over the past several years. The home and farm of the Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe were attacked by these same elements. Thank God that they were repelled. As things stand now, it is common knowledge that the Fulani are the kidnappers. Some of those apprehended for the crimes have said that they are the ones doing these things. And, yes, they said that their bigger kindred have been facilitating these acts. It is all over the media. Therefore, the Distinguished Senator did not start this.
  2. The Senator was elected by his people to represent them in the Senate (a national forum for governance) to seek the good welfare - which includes their security - of the people he represents. Nigerians are being killed, kidnapped, impoverished etc. This increase in the nation's insecurity occasioned a national discourse that included the need to identify and define the threat. Who is killing Nigerians? This has been difficult to do because of fault lines such as ethnicity and religion in the fabric of the nation. These fault lines have barred any rational and reasonable discussions to
    define Nigerians' killers. The Senate is the most appropriate place for such a discussion or debate where words and superior arguments are the ammo used to win the good welfare for the people being represented. For the Distinguished Senator to draw inferences from public discussions (including eminent persons in the society) and to focus on the threat to Nigeria, is his duty. He did it. Now the attempt to isolate and attack the person of the Senator is not only a distraction but an attack on the Senate and by extension the nation. The Senator should be commended for having the courage to focus on national interests which guarantee the welfare of his people. Identifying the threat to the nation would expose and possibly deter the enemy of the land, save national resources, enable progress. So attackers of the Senator cannot mean well for Nigeria and Nigerians.

3. The members of Tabital Pulaaku should be ashamed of themselves for defending their tribal people who have turned banditry, kidnapping and terrorism into a major industry. They should concentrate on getting their people to stop these acts and thereby restore the dignity of their tribe which is now suffering disrepute. And they should show what they are doing to that effect.

4. The attempt to show that they know the Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe's background is very pathetic. Nothing in all the TPI said is true! We have checked with the Distinguished Senator, and we can say this without fear of contradiction. But we take note of the threat inherent in that statement. For the avoidance of doubt and to expose the lies the TPI fabricated about Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe portraying him and even his late father as beneficiaries of Fulbe hospitality, we confirm as follows:
  • a. Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe did not spend his teenage years in thehome of Alhaji Usman Hamman Yero Nyako. He therefore did not and never would have adopted the family name Hamman Yero under any circumstances. This claim is a total fabrication and utterly false. The surname Yaroe which the Distinguished Senator has used all this while is his father's name and pronounced in Yangdang the way it is written. His father was baptised and given the name Dauda. 
  • b. The late Da Dauda Yaroe did not have a relationship with Alhaji Usman Hamman-Yero to warrant his enjoying any financial support from the latter, including any purported soft loans, as claimed. Da Dauda Yaroe did not establish a Church in Mararaba Tola. 
  • c. Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe was not a lecturer at the defunct College of Preliminary Studies, Yola. 
  • d. He never worked at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). He never knew or met Professor Jibril Aminu let alone has the Professor facilitated his appointment into any position. 
  • e. We wonder if the list of persons reeled out by TPI as coming from the Senator's district is intended to intimidate him. Well he is not and neither are we. If they want a list we shall give them this: Distinguished Senator Reverend Binos Dauda Yaroe serves the good people of the largest Senatorial District in Adamawa State and probably one of the largest in Nigeria. He has them behind him, and he has God, therefore, he cannot be intimidated.

5. The claim by TPI that the Fulbe have inhabited Mararaba Tola for over 600 years is a fallacy and indeed laughable and utterly pathetic. It is revisionism at its worst. You can not lay claim to our indigenous lands through barefaced assertions and lies. You must do better than that. In any case, as one Hausa man declared recently concerning the Fulbe claiming Kano as theirs, in an audio statement that has gone viral, "even if you spend 1000 years here, you will still be settlers among our people whom you met on the land". Talk about biting the fingers that fed you! We have read history at the secondary school level, and we know when the Fulbe left Futa Toro for other parts of West and Central Africa. When did Usman Danfodio start his Jihad? Just 200 years ago.

6. The Press Conference by TPI is sour grapes over the loss at the polls of their candidate Abubakar MoAllahyidi to Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe who has achieved more in one year than their preferred candidate did in the 4 years he represented or rather misrepresented the Southern Senatorial Zone of Adamawa State.

7. Malam Aminu Sebore who spearheaded the write up is known to publicly abuse some of those respected Fulani leaders he is claiming to speak for. The incidence involving H.E. Alhaji Atiku Abubakar readily comes to mind.

8. The Fulbe constitute an insignificant part of the population of Adamawa State as evident by the Research undertaken by Nyako which made his administration to import Fulbe into Adamawa State to alter the demographics of the State. The peaceful coexistence that the people of Adamawa State and the Southern Senatorial District which Distinguished Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe represents, has been disrupted by these foreign elements shipped in and resettled in Adamawa State.

9. The Fulani herdsmen challenge is a national phenomenon and for the TPI to arrogate to itself the right to speak for a rogue organisation is conclusive and irrefutable evidence of its complicity in the ongoing nationwide carnage.

10. The so-called rebuttal by TPI is a typical strategy the Fulbe adapt to cow and intimidate their perceived opponents. Neither Distinguished Senator Binos Yaroe nor our people against whom this threat is directed will be intimidated by these rantings of the accomplices of a murderous horde.

11. We would advise the TPI to address the mess their kinsmen have created all over the Country and certainly not endanger the fragile peace which exists in the Adamawa South Senatorial District.

We all want peaceful coexistence among the diverse groups in Nigeria, but it must be based on mutual respect. The TPI has not demonstrated respect in that press release. They will do well to retrace their steps from the dangerous path they have taken.

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