Its A Lie! No Free Education in Adamawa, Sadauki Writes Open Letter to Gov Fintiri

Says school still charge parents for intake tuition and others
Adamawa State Governor Ahmadu Fintiri

Adamawa based bilingual music performer and writer, Sadauki Khaleed Sambo Waja in an open letter to Adamawa State Governor, Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has said that there is no free education in the state as school still charge parents for tuition and others.
Kindly read the letter bellow:


Dear Gov. Fintiri

I wish to recommend your effort in standardizing our education system, its evident that WEAC/NECO are paid as promised, our young lads are finishing their exams as we speak, thank you.

It was heard from you, your Excellency on several occasions that primary and post-primary education is free, we were so happy to enrole our kids to school hearing the glad story from the horse's mouth, many that could not afford school fees rejoiced upon hearing the good news.

But to our greatest dismay the school authority collects N500 before accepting a child into primary school, and a termly fee of N160 for P.T.A (Parents Teachers Association) the PTA's money was explain to me that N50 will be send to you, N50 to the L.E.A (Local Education Authority) and N60 for the school as running cost.

Secondary schools are not exception because, for a student to be accepted he/she must pay a sum of N1850, with a rim of A4 plain sheet, Izal, Dettol antiseptic, two brooms, cutlass, hoe etc (depending on schools) to be registered, and a minimum of N640 to N1600 is paid as school fees per term! 

Discussing with one of the school heads in the state He said since the announcement of free education only four boxes of chalk was brought to them and nothing more till date! He lamented their needs and how students come in numbers just to acquire knowledge.

So we ask your Excellency are you aware of this? Is the free education totally or partially free? Is there a provision to keep the schools  running? If all the allegations from the school authorities are right what steps will you take to overtake the whole mis-ballance!

We hope this letter will be considered as its a matter of emergency. 

Yours Sincerely 
Sadauki Khaleed Sambo Waja.