Jos Killings: Senator Abbo Evacuate 57 Adamawa Students Studying in Jos

"I Believe Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be great again someday." - Abbo
Senator Ishaku Abbo - SIA, Adamawa Northern Senatorial District

As a result of the activities of bloodthirsty men on the prowl, killing innocent locals, indigenes, and those who have become stuck, numerous states are racing to relocate their citizens studying in Plateau State.

The Senator representing the Adamawa Northern Senatorial District in the 9th Assembly, Ishaku Abbo has evacuated over 50 stranded Adamawa state students studying at the University of Jos back to Adamawa state.

The students, most of whom had ran out of pocket money and food in their lodging areas, were overjoyed to see the buses dispatched to evacuate them.

Remember that Plateau State was recently thrust into an unanticipated security crisis following the August 13 massacre of more than 30 people along Rukuba Road in the state's Jos North Local Government Area which the University of Jos was forced to close, necessitating the evacuation.

The students, led by the President of the Adamawa State Student Union at the Government University of Jos, stated that Adamawa State has a big number of Adamawa students studying there. Some had already been evacuated, he claimed, but a large number of them had missed the initial exercise.

Senator Abbo Evacuate 57 Adamawa Students Studying in Jos

He went on to say that the remaining students were nervous before Senator Abbo came to their rescue. He expressed gratitude to the lawmaker for his care for the students' condition.

Abbo announced the news on his verified Facebook page, Senator Ishaku Abbo - SIA , saying,

"I have this morning evacuated the last batch of our children schooling in Jos Plateau state who were forced to go on a compulsory break from academic activities due to the insecurity on the Plateau.

"The evacuation was meticulously organized with the support of the spokesman of the Special Task Force ( STF) Army Major Ishaku Takwa.

"Special thanks to Major General Idris the Corp Commander Armour Tanks Bauchi for providing Military surveillance to this young leaders.

"I pray for the end to this inhumanity among humans and God to restore our core values of Love.

"I Believe Nigeria 🇳🇬 will be great again someday.

Senator Abbo Evacuate 57 Adamawa Students Studying in Jos