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Kenya's Amina Mohamed qualifies for next round in race to head WTO

WTO General Council Chair David Walker announced that Ms Amina Mohamed and four other candidates will stay in the race after they secured “the broadest and deepest support from the WTO membership.”
Amina Mohamed attends a press conference following her hearing before 164 member states' representatives, as part of the application process to head the World Trade Organization (WTO) as Director Gene

The Kenyan candidate in the director-general post of the World Trade Organization ( WTO) election, qualified for the next round of tests on Friday after convincing member states of her capabilities.

David Walker, Chair of the WTO General Council, announced that Ms Amina Mohamed and four other candidates would remain in the race after gaining "the broadest and deepest support from the WTO membership."

The global trade reference body retained Ms Mohamed, Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of Nigeria, Ms Yoo Myung-hee of South Korea, Mr Mohammad Maziad Al-Tuwaijri of Saudi Arabia and Dr Liam Fox of the United Kingdom, after a two-week consultation between envoys of the 164-member WTO.

The four are going to participate in the next round, which begins on September 24 and ends on October 6. Only two candidates will pass to the final stage after this round.

“Members consider all highly qualified and respected individuals. I would also like to pay tribute to the dignified manner in which they, their delegations, and their Governments have conducted themselves in this process,” Walker told envoys of member states in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday.
Mexico's Dr Jesús Seade Kuri, Egypt's Mr Abdel-Hamid Mamdouh and Moldova's Mr Tudor Ulianovschi
were withdrawn from the race to obtain the least proof of support from the Member States.

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