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Leaded Audio: Bindow masterminds Buhari hate meeting – APC stakeholder

But God in his infinite mercies decided to expose them as he has done to many of the President’s enemies before
Governor Muhammad Umaru Bindow and some All Progressives Congress (APC) stakeholders from Yola Soth LGA in Adamawa

Bakari Abdulmalim, an APC stakeholder in Yola South local government, Central Senatorial Distinct Adamawa state, Nigeria, has accused Muhammad Umaru Jibrilla Bindow, Adamawa State's immediate past governor, of masterminding the meeting where President Muhammadu Buhari was assaulted.

According to Abdulmalik, who is the secretary of the APC stakeholders forum in Yola South, contrary to Bindow's apologists' claims that the former governor convened a stakeholders meeting to reconcile warring factions, Bindow actually gathered his political stooges and appointees to assault and denigrate President Muhammadu Buhari's person for not bringing him back to power.

“Bindow has been nursing morbid hatred against the person of President Muhammadu Buhari for sacrificing him in the 2019 election and for not giving him any federal appointment.

” But as far as I’m concerned, that anger is misplaced, because you can’t expect a disciplined man like president Buhari to rig an election in order to hoist his party man who worked contrary to the people’s wishes to power.

“And secondly, Buhari appoints only people whose integrity he can vouch for. So the mindset that you should abuse Buhari for not bringing you onboard is an error of judgment,” the stakeholder said.

He added that based on the political affiliations of individuals attending the meeting, it can be assumed that Bindow convened a meeting of his stooges with the goal of maligning Mr. President's person because of the president's perceived hard-line stance towards the conference's convener (Bindow).

Abdulmalik claimed that individuals who openly attacked the president must have read the convener's body language in order to have the audacity to do so, adding that the fact that "they did not get reprimanded all added vent to the sordid spectacle."

The stakeholder noted that Bindow's silence in the face of such an assault on the president is a blatant indictment in and of itself.

“We all know that Kabiru Mijinyawa was governor Bindow’s favorite under whom the governor rode the state roughshod till our party was ousted from power. The host of the meeting, was a commissioner under Bindow, the suspended caretaker chairman of Yola South APC was the chairman of the party when Bindow ruled and Yushau Adamu was also an adviser of the former governor.

“If Bindow has the president at heart, the moment they started abusing him, he ought to reign on them or even rebuke them. But listening to such vituperations amounts to complicity.

“Before the said meeting, APC was calm even though Bindow wants to tell the world the party was in crisis necessitating his intervention. Nobody was abused and nobody wished anyone death. But surprisingly, during a so-called reconciliatory meeting, we heard abuses and even death wishes. Can we in all honesty say a reconciliation took place?

”Reconciliation usually take place between two parties involved in conflict, is Kabiru Mijinyawa in conflict with Prince Mustapha Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha or the others despite being hirelings of Bindow?” the stakeholder queried.

He added,

“what Bindow intended to do was to malign all our stakeholders and cast them as weaklings who cannot resolve an internal party challenge till someone from far away intervened.

“In Adamawa State, Yola South is the area that produces the most influential stakeholders of APC. Aisha Buhari is our daughter, Binani is our daughter, Ribadu is our son, FCT minister is our son, Modi is our son, MC Tahir is our son but because of his desire for mischief, Bindow convened the so-called meeting to spite leaders of the area.”

Abdulmalik went on to say that if Bindow is capable of reconciliation, he shouldn't have lost the election in 2019, because Nyako defected to the ADC under his watch.

“Our party was never divided like it was under Bindow forcing many to resort to open anti-party which led to the defeat of governor Bindow in 2019. But today a man with such poor credentials is the one convening a kangaroo reconciliation meeting. It shows how bad our situation is,” Abdulmalik said.

Bindow has long had a grudge and animosity towards the first family, according to Abdulmalik, but God chose to expose his deceptive tactics through the viral tape because he refused to change his ways.

“We the true lovers of President Muhammadu Buhari will not forget in a hurry the number of times Bindow treated the president with scorn and outright disdain.

”Firstly, he once openly said that his loyalty is with Atiku and whoever is not happy about that should go to hell.

“Secondly, the man sponsored a song debasing and desecrating the first lady and by extension of the first family despite being a beneficiary of the Buhari’s popularity.

” At a point in time when the first family was passing through its most challenging period when the president was critically I’ll, instead of sympathizing with them, Bindow was busy scheming and praying for the president’s death so as to become the vice president.

“As for me, the alibi the governor is using to defend his presence at the recent meeting which is to reconcile warring factions in the party is a ruse as there is no faction in Yola South APC as all the members of the party recognize and pay allegiance to Sulaiman Adamu, the suspended caretaker chairman.

“It, therefore, amounts to great disservice for the former governor to say he is trying to broker peace between imaginary warring factions. The only meaning any discerning individual will drive from that meeting is that it has provided another opportunity for enemies of the president to stage another odious plan against him.

“But God in his infinite mercies decided to expose them as he has done to many of the President’s enemies before,” Abdulmalik added.

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